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Why a child should be bored: why periodic boredom is useful for a child

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Are you also one of those who come up with all the activities for your little ones in one piece so they don’t get bored? However, according to experts, occasiol boredom is exactly what your child needs. He must learn to entertain himself!

While boredom is a state we try our best to avoid, according to experts, we should they should even be grateful for the occasiol. Especially in childhood. Boredom is just as important to a child’s development as the parent’s planned activities.

The reason is simple, although the child is small and does not have the opportunity to decide for himself where he will go and what he will do, he can still have fun. It should even be able to do so. If your child is complaining about being bored safe and sound, it might be time to leave him at that and teach him to be friends with boredom. Boredom works to his advantage.

boredom and independence

Each child must figure it out for himself. what he likes and what he doesn’t like. If he does not learn this in childhood, he will be more dependent on the people around him. And not only in childhood, but also in adulthood. Periodic boredom and attempts to entertain themselves make a child like that. more like a separate entity who knows what he wants, what satisfies him and what does not.

Boredom at an early age helps the child be more creative in adolescence. According to American research, teegers who do not know how to have fun because they did not learn it in childhood they are more likely to crave unhealthy foods, alcohol, cigarettes or they catch the wrong friends.

Those who, on the contrary, know how to spend time alone and actively, subsequently better prospects for the future.

What happens when a child is bored?

According to experts, boredom equates to reboot the child’s brain. If the child is bored and you leave him, you teach him determition and find your own way. In this way, we support their ability to make decisions. You teach them creativity and thereby give them foundation of healthy self-esteem. In simple terms, if the child is having fun, then there will be a sense of pride that he figured it all out himself.

Limit exterl aspects

In order for a child to learn how to be bored correctly, it is necessary that he does not have any exterl “helpers” in the form of tablets, computer games or mobile phones. They do not help children’s creativity in any way.

Parents are to blame

In many cases, parents are really to blame for children’s boredom. Although guided by the best of intentions, they try to fill the child’s free time as much as possible. With various circles and activities, the child builds everything that awaits him. Thus, the child does not have time to come up with something that would be entertainment for him. He has no room to develop his own ideas.

However, boredom has its benefits. If the child is bored, he gets a place to fulfillment of one’s own fantasies. She basically has to come up with some kind of entertainment. And this is very beneficial for him.

This, of course, does not mean that you should give up everything you do for your child as a parent. just leave it here and there to give room for your own creativity.

Source: Blesk

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