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You will be waiting for the parcel. For the award from the Champions League, Hradec will cover only the costs

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Hradec has made it to the quarter-fils of the Champions League, where he will face Zug two weeks later. But what will he pocket after the main group and one promotion in the playoffs? No. At this stage, definitely not. So far, he owns less than three million, but the costs associated with travel and accommodation also fluctuate in a similar amount. “It is only from the semi-fils that the Champions League becomes profitable. It’s not now,” says CEO Aleš Kmonicek. And he explained why the club acquired sharp defender Patrick Marseille.

When it comes to the Champions League, the calculator almost overflows. No, the reason is not that she counts the heavy millions that jump into the clubs’ accounts with each successive match and success. Hockey is not football. It is clear in advance that for the main group you will receive 1.46 million crowns, and for the first and second round of the playoffs – 730 thousand.

Decently? Only this is not much. That’s why calculators work. Each club calculates costs, how to save as much as possible so that you at least reach the popular black zero. This means that you will earn several thousand and will be able to enjoy how the competition makes sense for you from a sporting point of view.

“We are in the black, which is kind of a miracle,” says Mountfield HK general mager Aleš Kmonicek. The club advanced to the quarter-fils on Tuesday, but didn’t make it rich. “You get about 730,000 crowns for the 1/8 fils, and if we only delivered the smallest plane to Karlstad, where the game took place, the amount would exceed one million. I’m not talking about accommodation, food and other things,” Kmonicek counts.

The line does not fly to the city and so the club opted for the more expensive option with a larger charter aircraft, but attempted to sell seats to club partners and fans to keep the overall cost down.

Another disadvantage is that in the Champions League you will sink your money first, because the amount for the main group, where you play three times away, did not go to the clubs’ accounts until October. “It is only from the semi-fils that the Champions League becomes profitable,” adds Kmonicek. He has experience in this since 2020, when Hradec reached the fil.

What if Mountfield does another miracle and mages to knock out Zug? You’re getting 1.1 million for the semi-fils, so there’s already a slight shift going on. The losing filist will receive 3.9 million, the winner will receive 8 million. You can already work with him.

However, there is a long road leading here. “From a sporting point of view, this is an invaluable experience for all players, young and old,” praises the general mager of the quarterfils. “But there is also the need to add another side, we have a big problem, which is also caused by the fact that we are playing in this demanding competition. It drains us. We will worry again so that we do not have more wounded,” he immediately adds. Mountfield already have a third of the team on the mend, now they are again short of seven players.

That is why they are trying to expand the state. The latest acquisition is a Patrik Marcel coffee grinder. Characteristics? Defender, tough guy, boxer. During the season České Budějovice used him for an altertive start from Litoměřice, Hradec played him full-time until the end of the season.

Marcel’s height is 175 cm, weight is 100 kg. He is devoted to boxing, in the summer he even had a match where, with his activity and several strong blows, he sent the opponent to the ground. On the ice, he is also very sharp, but also in the 1st league he was the best shot in the competition in the 2019/2020 season (14 goals). “We certainly didn’t think that we would take Patrick Marcel just to release him on the ice like some kind of cannibal. We have six quality defenders, he will have to compete for a place. Yes, he is very decisive, knows how to put things in order. But we also want to use him as a hockey player,” Kmonicek explains the intention.

Marseille can take over as a striker after Richard Nedomljel in the squad. The club could sell him abroad, but in the end they exchanged him with Liberec for Mislav Rosandich. He brought the meat grinder now. Will he be able to continue boxing, Marseille will have to decide with the coaches. “I will leave it entirely up to them. Patrick is a professiol who has a contract with us. But I am not at all afraid of this matter, we talked several times. He appreciates this chance, and I believe that he will do everything to gain a foothold in our team for a longer period,” says Kmonicek.

Five years ago, the defender also came into conflict with the law when he appeared in court when he and his cronies were supposed to shout Nazi slogans in 2018. Then they got into a fight, he injured two people and violated his probation. “I consider this as a closed matter, he made a mistake that was judged by the courts and punished. We checked how he behaves in the salon and how he functions in the team, what kind of family he has and so on. There was not the slightest problem with him here, ”added the general mager.

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one. Pardubice 21 12 5 3 one 71:41 49
2. Vitkovice 21 eleven 2 5 3 70:53 42
3. Olomouc 21 eleven 3 0 7 54:42 39
four. Trinec twenty ten one four 5 61:43 36
5. Brno twenty 9 four 0 7 57:55 35
6. Mountfield twenty eight 2 one 9 52:52 29
7. K. Vari 21 7 3 2 9 56:72 29
eight. Liberec twenty four 5 6 5 60:56 28
9. M. Boleslav twenty 5 four four 7 41:45 27
ten. Pilsen 21 5 3 5 eight 57:62 26
eleven. Litvinov 21 6 one four ten 57:64 24
12. Sparta 21 5 four one eleven 52:60 24
13. No. Budejovice twenty 5 2 3 ten 45:60 22
fourteen. positively 21 four 3 four ten 43:71 22
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  • Generali play-off prelimiry round
  • Barrage

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