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Miroslav and his colleague were attacked by a black passenger with a knife on a train in Usti nad Labem: the police are looking for the aggressor

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Miroslav and his colleague endured drama on their way home from work by train in early November. On the train, he was attacked by a man who attacked him with a knife and demanded money from him! Now the police are looking for the attacker and ask for help from the population.

The attack took place on November 2nd. Miroslav P. told the On the Stop program that he had boarded the train in Lovositsy with a colleague. From work, they travel by train to Usti d Labem every weekday, but the couple will never forget this trip. “There was a guy who was mumbling. We sat on the sofa, my colleague and I talked, described Miroslav in a Czech TV program and added that after a while the man began to shout something.

The couple did not react in any way to his words, however, when the train was approaching the Usti d Labem station, the attacker pulled out a knife. “I was trying to get to the door, thinking when will it all be over, when will we be able to get out. In it, he said: give me money, otherwise it will be bad. described Miroslav, who had no money with him. The intruder wanted his phone. However, at that moment the train pulled up to the station and stopped. The attacking couple maged to get out, and the attacker fled.

The Ust detectives, who are looking for a man, began to deal with the case. “They are currently asking the public for help in identifying him,” the statement said. said police spokeswoman Veronika Khishplerova. According to police, it was a black man in his mid-thirties. He had stubble on his face and was wearing a black hooded tracksuit with gold jewelry. “Crimilists evaluated the recording from the camera. Witnesses describe the man as looking downcast and bewildered. He was already on the train from Prague. He came to Prague by train from Cologne.” she added. If anyone recognizes this person, they can call 158.

Source: Blesk

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