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Gavi: heart with legs. The Spaniards praise him. He can’t be fouled, expert says

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He’s hot, he’s the youngest, but he’s also the best. “I fell in love with him,” smiles Zdeněk Folprecht, pundit for Sport daily and iSport.cz, when it comes to Gavi, the 18-year-old prodigy who plays in the starting lineup for both Barcelo. and Spain. In the first match of the World Cup in Qatar, he contributed to the defeat of Costa Rica with a score of 7:0.

Be careful, he’s not alone! Spain, on the other hand, has a number two that could take him to the title. In 2010, it was the legendary Javi Herndez with Andres Iniesta, now Pedro Gonzalez and Pablo Gavira – Pedri and Gavi. “It’s unbelievable how similar they are to us,” said Xavi, now coach at Barcelo, ​​where both diamonds are polished. “Gavi is a heart with legs,” he connected the character of the young man with art.

We will visit him, the reason is clear. The “new Xavi” became the third youngest scorer in World Cup history against Costa Rica. In first place is a certain Pele, who scored in 1958 at the age of 17 years and 239 days. On Thursday, Gavi turned 18 years and 110 days old.

After all, he breaks records with great pleasure. He is the youngest player to play for Spain at 17 years and 62 days old.

“We talked about what we did at seventeen. I just dug behind the barracks and ran with a weighting agent through two-meter snowdrifts. I’ll probably ask him on the pitch how he does it,” explained Vladimir Kufal, a Czech defender who got to know the youngster’s qualities during the Nations League matches in June. Gavi scored in Prague, came on as a substitute in Malaga, gave an assist in half an hour, and also showed that at 173 cm there is no sharp edge. He clearly won the fight shoulder to shoulder with the slender Adam Chlojek…

“The Barcelo players are smart but not sloppy. Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Gavi, they all have plump hips, buttocks, strong legs, their height is not so limited, ”Volprecht said, actually ranking the newcomer among the great figures from the Barcelo academy:“ Yes, he is absolutely typical product of La Masia. Thiago Alcantara is one of them, but he didn’t get along with Iniesta during Xavi’s time, so he left for Bayern. Then there was a longer pause, and now Gavi and Pedri are coming. They continue.”

On point, Gavi is coming. At the same time, football played by this type of player seems to be the easiest in the world. “It’s like digging into the back garden at school. I am happy to have players with such qualities in the roster,” said Spanish coach Luis Enrique.

Gavi vs. Costa Rica

Minutes: 103
Goals: one
Help: 0
Shots on goal: one
Passes: 70 (65 successful)
Long Waist: 1 (failed)
Dribbling: 4 (2 successful)
Fights: 24 (8 successful)
Head fights: 5 (2 successful)
Balls won: 6 (2 in opposition half)
Losses: 14 (3 in own half)

The translation is simple. Excellent movement, technique, foresight, game intelligence, perception of space. Gavi (and everyone by me) knows exactly what is going on around them, they can even predict what will happen. In domestic coaching jargon, they say that they use an owl, they constantly check the position on the field – not only their own, but also teammates and opponents.

“He doesn’t do big tricks with the ball, although he is technically accurate, of course. His quality is determined by his vision of the game and his speed of thought. He had already decided in advance what he was going to do, ”Folprecht said. “You would like to foul him, but you can’t. You won’t get into a fight with him at all, because he is ahead, ”he praised.

The Spaniard, who recently won the Golden Boy award for the best young player in the world, is logically on top, as he also proves in Qatar. “He is the future but also the present of the tiol team. One day he can become a big star,” coach Enrique chuckled.

He did not quite hit: Gavi is already a star, and a world star.

Spain All about the club HERE

Group E

one. Spain one one 0 0 7:0 3
2. Japan one one 0 0 2:1 3
3. Germany one 0 0 one 1:2 0
four. Costa Rica one 0 0 one 0:7 0

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Fans are already tweeting about FIFA’s stance, claiming matches are being canceled due to the threat of rainbows over stadiums:

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Swiss striker Brel Embolo did not celebrate a goal against Cameroon, where his parents are from


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