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How Gorzhava lured Wallson to Sparta: Making him an assistant would be impudent


It was he who knew coach Hans Wallson well and attracted him to Sparta. “I have already written to him several times. And now there is an opportunity,” said Miloslav Gorzhava after training on Tuesday. The Swedish coach also appeared on it for the first time. Initially, it was supposed to appear on Monday, but on the way it got stuck in Stockholm, from where all flights were canceled due to a snow storm.

From a club in Skelleftea in the north, Wallson has built a giant over the past decade. He won two league titles with him, the first since 1978. He reached the SHL fil four times in a row. Since then, he also knew Horzhava.

“I asked him if I could come and practice with him when he and Skellefty were at their best and they were in the fil a couple of times. I certainly did not expect such a reception then. I was surprised how open they are. Hans took me with the team to the ice, showed me everything and told me. I was completely shocked by this. Getting into the fil of the Swedish league so many times is definitely no coincidence. Of course, this is the work of not only the coach, but the whole team. But I really liked his view of hockey, ”he recalled.

They remained in touch, Gorzhava had tapped on him several times before. He turned to him after Pavel Patera and Patrick Martinez were in Sparta: “We wrote to each other, or I wrote to him. I confess, I did not give this option a chance. Several fils in a row, it’s not just that. I’m not at all surprised that he had more offers with his story. But I tried, and Hans replied that he would think about it. However, until he arrived at the salon, I did not believe that he would come at all,” laughed the old coach of the Prague team, who organized the arrival of the Swede.

According to Khorzhava, Wallson is a person to whom everything is clear and does not need to be explained. Example? The way he introduced himself in the Spartan salon. “We were preparing for whether I, Yarda Glinka or Peter Ton would represent him to the players. Before we reached the living room, he maged to introduce himself to everyone. We approached the booth when the players were already applauding him. He is a fighter who needs no introduction, he knows what he is talking about and what he wants. It will be a great experience for me to work with such a person,” Horzhava continued.

In the Sparta team, they were joined by Yaroslav Glinka, the sports mager of the club, who was already in rotation under previous coaches. There were rumors that Wallson should become an assistant, but Gorzhava speaks of him as an equal colleague. “It would be very rude to make him your assistant! It would be difficult. We are colleagues. I will mainly be responsible for the defenders, he will be responsible for the attack, but we will discuss everything together. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and it’s great that we can share it among ourselves.”

A northerner can bring elements of the Swedish style to Sparta, which is immensely liked not only by Gorzhava. The Swedish brothers Eric and Gustav Torell already work in the team. So far they’ve been struggling, Wallson’s arrival might help them. “I believe that over time the team will become more aggressive. I can’t say now what it will bring, but I am sure that it will help us a lot,” Khorzhava concluded.

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