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Young people broke Lamborghini for millions: it burned down

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Shocking video from the American highway. Young people raced on Lamborghini for millions at a speed of more than three hundred kilometers per hour! Then they, along with the car, got into a terrible car accident. Kara lay down in ashes.

“We’re driving at 200 miles an hour, but I don’t care” boasted the young man in the video as he revved the luxurious car to its highest revs. It was as if he didn’t care at all that he endangered not only himself, but also other road users. And to make matters worse, the two young men filmed the entire crazy trip on their cell phones.

The fact that it was raining and the road was wet was not a problem for the two young people. After all, nothing can happen to them with a sports car for about 5.6 million crowns. But it turned out the opposite. Both friends got into a skid, after which they hit the barriers. The car was then engulfed in flames.

The driver and passenger are incredibly lucky. They escaped from the car before the fire broke out and nothing happened to them. People on the net give a good lens to both or make fun of them. “I think the driver is unwell. He seems to have replaced his brain with Swiss cheese.” — joked one of the commentators, according to The Sun newspaper.

Source: Blesk

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