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Do not spend money on purchases unnecessarily. All this can be cooked at home and cheaper!

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November 25th is World No Shopping Day. Take this opportunity to use forgotten treasures from your pantry or refrigerator. After all, a number of irreplaceable products can be easily prepared at home. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.


If you have a supply of long-lasting whipping cream at home, you can start making homemade butter. You will be surprised how easy it is. Apart from cream, which should be at least 30% fat, all you need is a hand whisk and stami. Butter can also be made into ghee or ghee, which is suitable for frying, does not burn, and gives dishes a nice nutty aroma and flavor. Ghee contains 99.8% milk fat, so it lasts longer. Therefore, it is ideal for those whose butter quickly goes rancid in the refrigerator.

home meadow

Fresh cheese, without which many families cannot live and which disappears at lightning speed. Try to prepare meadowsweet home made from milk. For less than 50 kroons you get 700-800 g of fresh homemade cheese, which can then be spread on bread, seasoned with herbs or made into an excellent spread.

Baked muesli

Not only adults, but also children love to eat crispy baked muesli for breakfast. It tastes great with milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, or just plain. But few people know that you can easily cook a healthier and tastier version at home than buy it in the store. And you can add only what you like to it, whether it be different seeds, nuts, dried fruits, coconut flakes or pieces of chocolate. For example, try a homemade recipe. chocolate granola with grated coconut sweetened with maple syrup, nut granola with cane sugar or granola with honey and almonds. If your pantry doesn’t have everything you need, improvise. Use honey or maple, agave, date, or even birch syrup as a sweetener, and melted butter, ghee, canola, olive, or coconut oil as fat. The result will always be justified.


The consumption of yogurt is quite high in most families, but you don’t need to stock up. Delicious White Yoghurt because you can easily make it at home with just two ingredients. For this, you don’t even need a yogurt maker, you can get by with an ordiry pan. And what will definitely please you, a liter of homemade yogurt will cost you no more than thirty crowns. You can enjoy it in just four hours. If you want a fragrant option, add fresh fruit, jam or cocoa to a glass of finished yogurt.

Bakery products

Previously, you may have never thought about how easy it is to bake homemade bread. You probably have all the ingredients for this home, and within an hour you can smell a wonderfully fresh smell wafting through your home. buns, knitted buns or Dalaman. Just as easy to prepare home age as well as toast. And if you prefer bread, try traditiol bread Old Bohemian bread or homebaked bread from a mixture of ordiry and rye flour. You can also make real sourdough bread. It is not difficult and you do not even need to look for kvass in a bakery. Start your bread kvass according to this instruction..

Cured meat

Dried pieces of meat with salt and various seasonings are ideal for trips, celebrations, and also as a way to preserve meat. You can dry in a fruit dryer or in a conventiol electric oven. Read the recipe and detailed instructions at cured spiced meat.


You don’t even have to buy a kilo of pasta to stock up on. Take inspiration from the Italian housewives who regularly make them at home. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think and won’t even take that long. Moreover, they homemade pasta softer, silkier, have a more pleasant color and an incomparably better taste. And if you let your creativity run wild while making them, you can color the dough with things like beets, spich, turmeric, carrots, and the like.


And when you finish the paste, something will be good for her. When you run out of minced meat, try the pesto. Pasta with a concentrated taste and aroma in a glass, which can be used to decorate not only pasta, but also meat dishes, soups or spread on toast. You can cook several options. Probably the most famous is green. basil pestobut red is great too dried tomato pesto or wild garlic pesto.


It is included in many popular salads and spreads, it is served with French fries, steaks, fried cauliflower, cheese or mushrooms in a trio, it can also be used to make tartar sauce. However, it is not necessary to go to the store for it. Perfect homemade mayonise because you can easily and quickly make it at home using only egg yolks and butter. It just takes a little patience to beat perfectly and get the right consistency. And if you don’t have eggs, don’t worry. Yolks can be replaced with milk.

fermented vegetables

We all need vitamins and beneficial lactic acid bacteria, and fermented vegetables are a source of them. You download it today, wait a few days, and you can serve it on spread toast, breakfast alongside scrambled eggs, couscous, or steak and potatoes. Prepare fermented vegetables with these easy instructions or go straight to the popular spicy kimchi.

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