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The series about the cannibal killer became a hit on Netflix. Why does Dahmer break records for the number of views, like his victims?

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The ten-episode mini-series Monstrum: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer arrived on Netflix a few weeks ago without much fanfare or a series of interviews with the creators, but has become the second most popular series in the video library after the fourth season of Stranger Things. She was destined for success, even if the audience had to “discover” her for themselves.

The grim story of a mass murderer who choked, dismembered, cooked, and sometimes ate his mostly black victims in 1980s America fuels audiences’ obsession with the so-called crime genre, where we are fascited by real-life murder stories that, at best, could standing right on our street and the perpetrators of which we will never know, because they seemed to be normal people. Was he born that way, did something happen to him as a child, or did society somehow make all this possible?

In their approach to the killer, creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brenn hark back somewhat to their anthology American Crime Story, one part of which dealt with the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace. At the same time, he touched on specific, period-based issues of acceptance of otherness that placed the entire series of murders in a context that was far more satisfying in the end than trivial questions like “why did he do it.” Dahmer’s scale is just as wide.

After embarrassing Netflix shows like The Politician or downright awful ones like Hollywood, Murphy is back on his feet with a project that doesn’t look pretentious but tries to be more alytical and procedural. After all, this is not David Fincher’s Mindhunter, but, for example, Good Sister, which is now also successfully killing on the same streaming platform – an amateur against Dahmer.

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