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Softball players will also face the haka dance at the world championship. What is their secret trump card?

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Czech softball players will take part in the World Cup on Saturday and challenge New Zealand for a start in Auckland. Before the match with seven-time champions, the team of coach Yaroslav Korchak will see with his own eyes the traditiol haka dance performed by the hosts. The Czech tiol team has its own secret trump card in the form of rackets with new technology.

“We want to advance from the group and aim for historic medals for our team,” coach Korczak said of the Czech tiol team’s goals. “The group has a clear favorite – the current champions from Argenti, and the outsider is the Philippines. We, New Zealand, the USA and Cuba will play in fours for the next two places in the promotion, ”added the tiol team coach.

The Czechs will face the Black Sox at the start of the championship, just like they did three years ago when Prague and Havlickuv Brod hosted the tourment. The team then lost 0:9. In addition to the performance of the opponent, before the opening match, the representatives will have to perform a traditiol haka dance. “I had the opportunity to see her already at the Junior World Championships in 2018. But now the championship is being held at their home ground, and this will give it an even greater effect. I’m really looking forward to it,” said the station wagon Vojtech Büchner.

Next to him, the Czechs must rely on pitchers Michal Holobradek and Jakub Osichka. Both won the championship title with Breclav this year. “They will basically throw, which I completely understand. This is the best European tandem. They also showed their form in the extraliga,” Buechner said.

The advanced teams will carry over their results to the next stage. The first two teams from the second stage will compete for the title, the teams from the third and fourth places will compete for bronze. The Czechs are eleven-time European champions, but their best result at the World Cup is sixth in 2000.

“We cannot underestimate anyone at the World Cup. At the same time, I believe that we will also be a scarecrow,” said Korczak, whose team has a secret trump card at the World Cup.

Before the start, the Czechs had the opportunity to try out brand new Easton rackets. This is a legendary Synergy product that has received a new version. “We miraculously maged to reach an agreement. The Czechs were among the few who were able to master this technology ahead of time,” said Daniel Vavrusha, a longtime batting salesman.

Softball bats were destroyed because they were physically uble to withstand the bouncing of a heavy ball at high speed. And now, a few years later, Easton filly came up with a durable men’s softball bat. It was the continuation of the Synergy model, which a few years ago delighted players with its reliability and excellent reflection. “These bats are truly satisfying. They are heavier and have good rebound. I think it will be a commercial success,” Korczak said.

The Czech team took the new Synergy with them to the World Championship. “It is in New Zealand that bats will be officially introduced. I’m glad that Czech softball players were able to try it much earlier. I think there will be great interest in it, ”added Vavrusha.

Program of Czech softball players at the World Championships (SEČ):

November 26 (01.30): New Zealand v Czech Republic

November 26 (23:00): Czech Republic – Cuba

November 28 (01.30): Czech Republic – USA

November 29 (04.30): Czech Republic v Argenti

November 30 (03.00): Czech Republic – Philippines

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