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A family with three children lost their house in Jezernica before Christmas: A huge wave of help rose after the fire

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The roof over the head of David’s family from Jezernice in Přerovsk burned down. He, his wife and three children lost their homes in the weeks leading up to Christmas. After the sad event, a huge wave of solidarity rose in the village and they decided to help the family. And not only the announcement of the collection.

The tragedy came suddenly, the family could not have expected such a misfortune. On Wednesday, November 9, the house of David and his partner was engulfed in a devastating fire. A family from Jezernice in Přerovsk lost their home comfort and roof over their heads overnight due to the elements.

The fire caused millions in damage, some of which, fortutely, firefighters were able to save. But even so, you cannot live in the house. “The man is a tive of Yezernitsa, and some time ago a woman with three children moved in with him. They are in a difficult situation and without outside help they have no chance to repair the house. The lady and children now live with relatives. Basically they will need to repair the roof, at least over the living area.” Zdeněk Pak, mayor of Jezernice, told Denik.

More than a sad event, a few weeks before Christmas it raised a huge wave of solidarity in the village, now everyone wants to help a family with three children. Some have already provided fincial assistance to their neighbors, while others have helped with a temporary roof and other things.

“This is a great support and help. The biggest credit for the collection goes to the mayor, who also has people who help us clean up. The house is now uninhabitable and is currently drying out. We would love to fix it again and come back.” described David, who greatly appreciates any help. Anyone from anywhere in the world can help through a public fundraiser announced by the municipality.

Firefighters do not yet know the cause of the fire, the damage is six million kroons. The family house and outbuilding were liquidated by eight fire brigades from several villages and towns. David was injured in the fire and ended up in the care of rescuers, the firefighters then maged to save the dog and cat.

Source: Blesk

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