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Brothers Adam and Alesh lost their mother, and now their father Zdenek: they were helped by the police, it was their colleague

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It began with a collapse, then the sad news about the tumor and landing on artificial sleep. Police officer Zdeněk Fischer (45) fought for his life for many months, along with his sons Adam and Aleš. Unfortutely, their father died after several long months in a coma. The children are now orphans, six years ago cancer took their mother Reta.

The turning point came last year on New Year’s Eve. Policeman Zdeněk Fischer was visiting Ještěd at the time, lost consciousness after skiing in the evening and was taken to the hospital. Doctors subsequently diagnosed him with blockage of blood vessels due to a tumor they found in his brain.

The chances of his condition improving were slim. Already that day he was put into an artificial sleep. This was shocking and unexpected for a healthy and athletic traffic cop from central Bohemia. The same goes for his two sons Alyosha and Adam (aged 17 and 19).

It was not difficult for Zdeněk to run a half marathon. But day by day he became a man chained to a hospital bed. “In February 2022, he was transferred to the hospital in Rakovnik, where he was also connected to assistive devices during artificial sleep. However, on June 11, he filly lost the fight for life. sadly described by the police and his colleagues.

They played him music

His sons visited him regularly in the oncology hospital, played him his favorite songs, messages, informed him about what was happening in the hope that he would hear them, or that he might wake up. But he couldn’t even hold their hand anymore.

A huge family tragedy began a few years earlier, in 2013. Their mother Reta then had cancer. She was bedridden for three years from the fateful year before she passed away in 2016 after a long and severe illness. Alyosha and Adam were then 11 and 13 years old. “Zdenek took care of both sons, tried to replace their missing mother, led them to sports, was an exemplary father. In addition, he himself had to deal with the “departure” of his beloved wife, who was taken from him by insidious cancer. says police spokeswoman Vlasta Suhankova. In six years, the family suffered not one, but two tragedies.

They completed their mission

When Central Bohemia police chief Vaclav Kucera found out about the policeman’s departure, he decided to help the boys. Together with the Christian Police Association, they launched a public fundraiser that included police officers and government officials.

A few days ago, together with police chaplain Jiří Ignác Lanka, they handed them a check. “Among the policemen, 274,000 crowns were collected.” Sukhankova added. “I know that money will never replace your parents. Nevertheless, we wanted to help you in some way and at least support you fincially, for example, during your studies. Your father was a truly exemplary policeman who loved his job and, due to his character, was also very popular with his colleagues. I really wish both of you to be strong during your difficult start in life.” the director commented on the tragedy.

25 years of service

Zdeněk Fischer devoted 25 years of his life to police service. He was popular among his colleagues, achieved good results, in short, they characterize him as a good “carrier”. After his death, the two boys are taken care of by his sister Ha. She is their only relative.

Kucera also symbolically presented them with a police award in memory of their father, including the Police President’s Medal of Honor.

Source: Blesk

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