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Croatia – Canada 4:1. The maple leaves are coming to an end, Kramaric beamed.

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After a lackluster game against Morocco, the Croats were soon losing to Cada when Alphonso Davies caught them by surprise in the 2nd minute. However, the early goal was like a detotor and Croatia put on a great performance. After two goals from Kramaric and one each from Livay and Meyer, the European favorite confidently won 4-1. The Cadians played open football again, which was fun, but after two matches it becomes clear that their path to the championship ends in the group, and the Croats are close to exit.

Croatia top the group after an initial goalless draw with Morocco on points and a draw in the fil against Belgium is all they need to move forward. The Cadians lost their fifth match at the World Cup, and before Thursday’s match with the Moroccans, they had already lost hope of participating in the playoffs.

After hesitation in the opening game, both teams were in need of points and played actively from the start. Cada, rrowly beaten 0-1 by Belgium after an enjoyable performance on Wednesday, hadn’t scored in their previous four World Cup matches but made a big push in the second minute today.

Davis ran into Buchan’s cross from the right and opened the scoring with his head. The midfielder of Munich “Bayern” bounced back for an unrealized pelty from the beginning of the match with Belgium. Davis scored after just 68 seconds, scoring the fastest World Cup group stage goal since 2014 when American Dempsey scored against Gha after 29 seconds.

An early goal helped the game. The Croats added and turned the score over before the break. In the 27th minute, Kramaric’s shot did not work due to a previous offside, and in the 35th minute, Borjan blocked Livay’s shot. A few minutes later, after the transfer of Perisic from a relatively large angle to the rear post, Kramaric made his way.

The Croatians scored their first goal in the tourment in Qatar, and added one more before the break. In the 44th minute, after a pass from Juranovic, he hit Livay’s ball on the edge of the pelty area and scored his fourth goal in the tiol team with an accurate shot into the post.

After the break, the Cadians made two substitutions, and one of the newcomers, Osorio, almost missed in the 49th minute. On the opposite side, after a while, Borjan caught Kramaric in a great moment, and Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic had to intervene just after David shot under the crossbar.

In the 70th minute, the Croats secured the lead. Submission Perisic from the left side was processed by Kramaric in the pelty area, he got rid of the defender and aimed exactly at the far post. For the second time in his career, he scored two goals in one match for the tiol team.

The Cadians ended up with a big slump. Borjan fired another shot against Brozovic, but in the fourth minute of regulation, defender Miller made a huge mistake, and Mayer, another substitute, neatly completed the lead after Orsic’s pass under the bar. Croats scored four goals in one match for the second time in the World Cup.

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November 27


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Home: 36. Kramarich, 44. Livaya, 70. Kramarich, 90+4. Main

Guests: 2. Al. Davis


Home: Livakovic – Yuranovich, Lovren, Guardiol, B. Sosa – Modric (C) (Mayer, 86), Brozovic, Kovacic (Pasalic, 86) – Livaya (Petkovic, 60), Kramaric (Vlasic, 73), Perisic (Orsic, 86) ) ).

Guests: Borjan – Johnston, Vitoria, Miller – Larya (Hoylett, 62), Hutchinson (C) (Adekugbe, 73), Eustaquio (Kone, 46), El. Davis – Buchan, Larin (46. Osorio), David (72. Cavallini).


Home: Barisic, Budimir, Erlic, Grbic, Ivusic, Yakic, Mayer, Orsic, Pasalic, Petkovic, Stanisic, Shutalo, Suchic, Vlašic

Guests: Adekugbe, Cavallini, Cornelius, Fraser, Hoylett, Kay, Kone, Osorio, Millar, Panthemis, Piett, St. Claire, Ugbo, Waterman, Wotherspoon


Home: Lovren, Modric

Guests: Buchan


Matonte – Ram, Soppy


Group F


2 one one 0 4:1 four

2 one one 0 2:0 four

2 one 0 one 1:2 3

2 0 0 2 1:5 0

FIFA World Cup 2022

November 23, 2022 • 09:40

EDIT: Morocco 0-0 Croatia. Tactical battle and another goalless match

EDIT: Morocco 0-0 Croatia.  Tactical battle and another goalless match

Michal Kvasnica

November 24, 2022 • 11:58 am

USA and Cada: a dymic show on the field and in the stands. And an invitation to the 2026 World Cup

USA and Cada: a dymic show on the field and in the stands.  And an invitation to the 2026 World Cup

Source: Blesk

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