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Nedved stands at a crossroads: return “home” or mission in FIFA? But reputation will suffer

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STEPAN FILIPEK’S COMMENT | There is no doubt about one thing: Pavel Nedved took the elevator of the five-star World Football residence to the top floor and settled in the luxurious room of Turin’s Juventus for many years. I take my hat off to the former Czech football player of today, who has progressed the furthest since the end of his career. But one day the door slammed and he handed over the key. Thus, a turround in Turin’s leadership should not erase what he has achieved, while at the same time fundamentally affecting what role he will continue to play in football.

The Ballon d’Or winner has always been an invaluable advertisement for Czech football. In addition, he opened the gates to Turin for expeditions from his homeland, whether they were led by Miroslav Pelta or Jaroslav Tvrdik. He was a prestigious link under the Apennines. You can talk about what was his share in the magement of the club, on the other hand, he never described his role immodestly, did not care about publicity.

Extreme caution is required when evaluating explosive events at Juventus. It is easy to mix everything up, which is extremely sensitive in case of suspected fincial errors. Even if nothing is proven, they will easily leave a stain on their reputation. The other line is the economic balance, other possible disagreements in the Agnelli family associated with a big club, perhaps other factors.

The fil in Turin is a huge blow, although it can also be a relief. This is another milestone on the path of Nedved. It remains to be seen whether he will want to use it outside the walls of Turin – and whether he will be suitable for a different environment and role. And this at a time when he entered a new stage in his persol life, which we leave to others to explore. In addition, the connection with the Italian, mostly foreign, environment has strengthened. This links Nedveda to Petr Cech, who, for a change, was on the Chelsea board of directors for a while – and is also on the wanted list.

Not only rooting in a foreign country speaks against exposure at home. There is also a risk of use and misuse associated with this. Basically, Pelta had plans for Nedved, but he would like to mage almost everything himself in the background. FAČR technical director Michal Prokes and his people, who are now actively involved in the Fevolution movement, also “thought” of Nedvěd. Caution is not superfluous here. As well as a real assessment of their own strengths.

A diplomatic mission to UEFA or FIFA is also offered. And while the term “football ambassador” is used to refer to those for whom (supposedly) magerial activity is too big, such a prospect would also be valuable – filled with respectable content. When it comes to Nedved, it resotes all over the world. No questions.

Let’s hope that the events in Turin will not leave a negative mark on him and his face will eventually appear on the right posters…


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Italy – Serie A

Coups at Juventus swept Nedvěd as well: empire deals with decline and disputes

Coups at Juventus swept Nedvěd as well: empire deals with decline and disputes

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