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Both Tesla and Apple are paying dearly for China’s air pollution. Investors won’t see a quick improvement

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Both Tesla and Apple are paying dearly for Chi’s air pollution. Investors won’t see a quick improvement

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A recession is coming. Regiol airport to weaken as it sank from millions in losses


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Over the past three years, more than one top mager of Western companies has come to terms with previously unimagible instability in Chi. Instead of factories, workers are stuck in quarantines and parts are from suppliers “somewhere halfway through.” Coping with the current wave of infections in the Asian powerhouse, however, is likely to be even more difficult – after all, approximately eighteen percent of Chi’s population became infected in the first twenty days of the pandemic, according to Bloomberg News and Fincial Times findings. December. This will mean the biggest wave of infections to date.

You can also expect problems in supply chains – again. The partial halt in car production in Chi is a common occurrence this holiday season. But not for Tesla, which usually does not stop all production at all, the Wall Street Jourl server warns. Elon Musk’s car company had to shut down the world’s largest factory in Shanghai for eight days, which was also extended by an unplanned one day. At the same time, five thousand electric vehicles are produced here every day, which is equivalent to billions of crowns. Tesla and its local suppliers are missing the infected workers.

Unsurprisingly, losses are also added to sales. Demand for cars in Chi fell more than nine percent year-on-year in November. Tesla’s stock was not affected by the fact that in the third quarter it produced 22,000 more cars than it delivered to customers in all markets. This raised additiol concerns, especially about the demand for electric vehicles in Chi, which is by far the largest market for these vehicles.

Apple is also paying for a massive wave of infections. It accounts for up to 95 percent of all iPhones in the country, a flagship product that generates up to half of all revenues. In addition, almost a fifth of Apple’s revenue comes from consumers in Chi. Thus, the company’s shares have written off more than a quarter of their value since the beginning of the year, more than eight percent of them in the last month alone. Apple’s latest quarter revenue should be lower than last year, when it posted a record $123.9 billion, alysts said. Apple’s net income is expected to fall more than eight percent.

But more important than the statistics documenting the past are the prospects for investors for the next period. It also does not give much cause for optimism. Supply chain experts have warned that it could take several months for iPhone production to end in Chi. Buyers in the United States have been waiting for these smartphones for an unusually long time, more than three weeks. “We need to see that the absence of (infected workers from Chinese firms) will disrupt operations not only in factories, but also in warehouses, distribution, logistics and transportation,” warned Bindiya Vakil, director of supply chain tracking at Resilinc.

While businesses operating in Chi are temporarily paying dearly for Beijing’s unexpected turn in policy, easing anti-pandemic restrictions is positive for businesses in the long run. The pressure on the central government was exerted not only by the mass of protesting citizens, but also by the threat of weakening Chi’s position as the “factory of the world.” In that spirit, the founder of Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier, warned the government in a letter and called for a reassessment of the strategy.

And it is Apple who wants to accelerate the transfer of part of the production of iPhones and components from Chi, mainly to India and Vietm. The need to diversify the risks associated with production in a single country, and not entirely predictable, is spoken by representatives of almost all conceivable industries, including in the Czech Republic.

The number of people infected with covid in Chi: almost 250 million in the first twenty days of December.

CSI 300 stock market indexwhich displays the performance of the top 300 companies traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges this year. written off more than a fifth of the cost and is at a level of about 3888 points.

Tesla shares have written off about 70 percent of their value this year and dropped to around $123.

Apple shares are down about 27% this year up to about $132.

Source: E15

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