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Model Katerina Kasanova became a mother. She gave her son a beautiful Czech name!

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Model Kateri Casanova already has “a few”: my intuition tells me that the baby will be born on New Year’s Eve!


Outrageous and perverse? No, that’s how they were brought up in the time of our great-grandmothers. Incredible photos to prove it!

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Five years ago, she won the title of the most beautiful girl in the world. What does Astasia look like today and what would she like to be when she grows up?

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She is 23, but she looks 8: I’m stuck in the body of a child, says a girl with a rare disease

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Will he grow out of it? The flattened head of a baby is not just a lack of beauty


RECIPE: As a main dish, a sip will be appetizing!


The world’s first pregnt man gave birth to three children. I did not want to remain a lesbian, the opposite sex is more tural for me, she says.


The Voight method without crying? It is working! In addition, it is not always necessary, says the physiotherapist.


Prince George or Princess Charlotte in adulthood: how will the faces of the children of royal families change in a few years?

famous moms

Actress Alicia Silverstone and her shocking upbringing: She sleeps with her 11-year-old son in bed when he was little, she pre-chewed his food

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