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Prisoners from Rynovich released a Christmas hit: They sing about murderers, rapists, forgiveness and God

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Some of them are in prison for theft or sale of drugs, some even for murder. In their song “Confessions of a Prisoner”, the inhabitants of the harsh Rynovice Prison sing about their misdeeds, childhood traumas, and the need for hope for a new life. Meanwhile, the plot of the clip tells about their stay behind a high fence. The new song caused a number of emotiol reactions. Not all were positive.

Rynowice Prison is home to offenders, some of whom have a history of serious crime. Among them are rapists, murderers, even those sentenced to life imprisonment. Therefore, it may seem unexpected that this is where the Prisoner’s Confession video appeared, which caused a number of conflicting reactions.

Crimils about crimes

The intro to a rather catchy song starts rudely. Mirek made elpaso (robbery, ed.), Pepa killed his father, Honza stole meat, Dusan owes the state, Karel committed fraud, counterfeited money. Dan used to go to the pub and sell drugs there. He mocked the students, the stalker spied,” sounds in the song. The next part takes even higher speeds. “He killed for money, bought gunpowder. And then he shot people, he’s a serial killer.” the convicts continue to sing.

Behind the project is prison chaplain Jan Suchanek under the pseudonym “Honza Guitarist from the Mountains”. He collaborated on the song with his brother-in-law, Ladislav Nowak, who knows how to shoot videos for a change.

“The plot of the video is related to the conclusion and gradually takes place in several places in the prison. The video can be perceived as a story of a convict who wants to work on himself with the help of the proposed programs and work with professiol personnel. The clip depicts the life of a convict from passing through the gate, through living in a cell, during study, employment, group therapy or leisure, ”the Penitentiary Service said in a comment that posted the song on social networks.

Hope for change?

The video clip, which was completed before the end of the year, is almost ten minutes long. He received support from all institutions of the Prison Service. The main idea of ​​the creators, including among the convicts, is the desire to inspire hope that every crimil has the opportunity to change his life. “The first stanza deals with crimil activity and indicates its seriousness. In the second stanza, the authors draw attention to the other side of the coin, to the fact that not everyone has a full-fledged family, a prosperous childhood and a sense of security. The third stanza presents the hope and thought that those who really want have the opportunity to work on themselves and change their thinking and actions. described by the creators.

He takes drugs

Michal Kerner is one of the convicts, in the video he sits at the drums. “I was a drug dealer, I made drugs” he sings. He is one of the convicted in the largest drug trial in Liberec. He was part of an intertiol gang. That is why he is also serving an eighteen-year sentence.

Of those who perform in the song, he has the longest phrase. Such Alois is serving a three-year prison term, Eduard five years and Miroslav 8.5 years, also for drug trafficking.

Feedback positive and negative

The song received both positive and negative reviews. “Everyone has the right to a second chance… The purpose of punishment is to protect a large part of society and lead the convicted person to a proper life after release and begin to benefit society,” — wrote Vlastimil in the comments under the video.

“That’s how garbage is entertained, traumatizing other people for the rest of their lives,” on the contrary, Karel describes it critically. “So they still have time to sing, I wonder how many of those poor fellows there for the first time?” Joseph got angry.

Source: Blesk

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