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Bogumil Pechinka: Election Paradoxes and Dilemmas of General Pavel. Possible winner and loser in one

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2023 presidential election

Bogumil Pechinka: Election Paradoxes and Dilemmas of General Pavel. Possible winner and loser in one

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The paradox is only apparent. Andrej Babiš is simply the main representative of the electoral bloc known as Cesko B, which is represented in the lower house by parties such as ANO or SPD. While the electorate of the Czech Republic A, more connected with the government coalition, has two equal candidates – Petar Pavel and Danusha Nerudova.

Thanks to this, Andrei Babish will almost certainly reach the second round. Instead, first-round shootouts between Petr Pavlo and Danusha Nerudova in Czech Republic A could do anything, though Ms. Danusha is closer to moving forward these days.

Other logic

And then the second round begins, in which the voting logic is completely different. Most people do not vote for the one who is closer to them in opinion or people, but tactically. In other words: against someone who represents the world that you would not like to see in Prague Castle. What does this mean for the couple Nerudova and Pavel?

If General Pavel makes it to the second round, then some 28 percent will not be enough for him as a ticket to participate in the second round. He needs 50 percent and one vote. In this situation, his potential to appeal to various groups of voters in Czech Republic A and Czech Republic B is higher than that of Danusha Nerudova.

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