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Announcer Ruzicka not only about his current work. How he sent Jagra to the steamer

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This news did not change the course of history, did not shift the earth’s axis, but tickled the diaphragm. Of the hockey statements of the year, the funniest one got the most. In the 54th round of the 2021/22 season, Litvinov beat Mlada Boleslavi at home. “We will beat you, but we will also lose with Kokorzhin,” said Vladimir Ruzicka to Radi Rulik, who was still in the lead at Brussels. This statement took first place in the list of TOP 50 Czech hockey statements this year. “Sometimes I have such comparisons. But, of course, this was said with exaggeration, ”the 59-year-old coach returns to his pearl. In the meantime, he finished with the Lithuanian A-team. Now he is dedicated to teegers.

Do you still remember Kokorzhin?
“Of course. Then we won both matches at home with Boleslav (5:0 and 3:1). After the second match, Radim Rulik said something like Boleslav is right for us as an opponent and we will always beat them. I told him , which is good if we beat them every time, but we are able to lose even with Kokorzhin.

How did you come to this?
“It somehow comes turally. Sometimes I have such a comparison. I tried something similar before, when I lost Melnik. There was nothing sarcastic about it, I don’t want to humiliate anyone. It was about the fact that the extra league level is the highest here tall, and in other places they have hockey as a hobby, and we are worse off than they are. It was a prick, but rather smiling, with exaggeration.

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I remember how you once encouraged Jaromir Jagr to walk on time during the World Championships. And if he doesn’t have time, he can go by taxi, train, plane or boat. Also a decent…
“We had a set departure time, and everyone had to respect it. I told him on the bus in front of everyone that no one would wait, the rules are the same for everyone. That’s the way it should be.”

At the end of October you ended up in the Lithuanian team. What are you doing?
“I agreed with Kamil Havelka, who is in charge of the youth of Lithuania. I’ve gone to youth to need

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