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The context of the top 20: the team did not fall from the sky, it is progressing. Which path did he choose?

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Two matches, two wins, a quarter-fil in your pocket. Proof of how exceptiol the result of the Czech Republic at the Junior World Championships is? Nothing like this had happened in twenty-two years. Coach Radim Rulik’s team beat Austria 9-0 and have a sweet victory over Cada in their pocket. Another big test awaits him against Sweden on Thursday from 19.30. You can use it to judge if players are moving and where. Do you start looking for the origin of mes like Chmielář or Kos? She didn’t fall from the sky. The basis of the team was assembled quite a long time ago.

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The U20 World Championship is always the culmition of the youth cycle. No more grades, no more peer battles. This event is the last one. In recent years, the Czech Republic has quite scratched his ear. Why is it here that the performance scissors open and a problem that somehow maged to be masked emerges? But the current tourment is developing completely differently.

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The squad, which is currently coached by Radim Rulik, is not getting worse. Of course, there will be other big challenges, for example, the match against Sweden. But seventeen players from the current top 20 played at the 2021 Under-18 World Cup. It is interesting to consider the path to the “top 20” in context.

You probably won’t remember the result of the “eight” at first glance. Just another defeat for many. But coach Jakub Petr’s idiosyncratic motivatiol speech certainly does it. “We want the unsuccessful articles that are written in advance in all newspapers to have to be rewritten. Because tomorrow there will be twenty decisive players who will surprise the whole world, ”he said then.

Explosions followed with Russia 1:11 and then Cada in the quarter-fil 3:10. However, it is also important that David Jirzhichek, Matyas Shapovaliv and others have played very decent matches against Finland and the USA before. However, in the end, the Czech Republic always lost even battles. He lost his leadership, collapsed. As if there was not enough physical training.

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Cadian Connor Bedard scored 5 points (2+3) against the tiol team. Now he watched with sadness in Halifax as the Czech Republic celebrated a 5-2 win. But already a year and a half ago, certain glimpses were visible, which you eventually waved your hand at. “The Czechs had a very fast team, they made everything difficult for us. We had problems getting out of our zone, we were left without shooting for about 10 minutes, ”explained, for example, Cadian coach Dave Barr. So what, with such a result, right? The duel with his team was influenced by the fact that Cada scored four goals from the first six shots.

Key takeaway: The fast team remained. Already in the summer, when most of Rulik’s rebounds were played in the post-COVID U20 World Cup, it could be seen that the tiol team did not go to the pelty area for braking fouls. No need to cling and hold. He mages to outplay his opponents.

In addition, the playroom is being improved. Already in August, he was able to defeat the United States, whom he lost in the 1/8 fils. Now the same vintage has maged to take Cada by surprise. The current selection is not among the favorites of the World Cup, but it commands respect. “The Czechs are strong offensively and you won’t enjoy playing against them,” Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News magazine said ahead of the tourment. “They don’t have a roster of the best NHL talent, but you’ll find some quality players in it,” added Corey Pronman, The Athletic’s youth player expert. “David Jiříček is absolutely great and looks like he will play an important role in Columbus. Coming from the Czech Republic, even Jiří Kulich is making a me for himself among the grown-ups on the farm,” the two stars noted.

The match against Sweden could mean another recognition of where the tiol team has come with captain Svozil. On top of that, you also watch what self-confidence does when you first play balanced matches with the giants and gradually defeat them.

“Perhaps we wanted a medal a little more than the Czechs,” Swedish goalkeeper Jesper Wahlstedt said after the bronze medal match in the summer. It’s hard to tell if his team really wanted more, but he got the hell out of it. Or rather, it seemed that the same thing was repeated as at the World Championships under 18 in 2021. The team is already running out of steam. It was later, but she came. There was nothing to surprise him with, he could not lock the Swedes in the end and equalize the score 1:2, on the contrary, he missed in the end from the third time.

Now the opponents will face each other in another phase. The Czech Republic is confident in the quarter-fils. But more victories will help him avoid the United States and Finland. In addition, it is tempting that the team would not have to move anywhere for a key match. “We will definitely talk about this with the players so that after the main group we will be as high as possible in the table,” Rulik immediately blurted out. “It also comes into play in terms of who is home and who is away. When we played in the quarter-fils with America in the summer, we came there as guests, and then they could not replace us the way we needed. These are little things and little things, but they can play a role, ”added the coach.

Who from the Czech Republic played at the U18 World Cup 2021

Goalkeepers – 2 Dressing room, Suchanek
Defenders – 6 Hamara, Jiříček, Moravec, Spaček, Svozil, Tihaček
Strikers – 9 Brabenets, Khmelarzh, Kos, Kulich, Marseille, Payer (not yet on the list), Ryshavy, Shapovaliv, Shturz

Group A

one. Czech Republic 2 2 0 0 0 14:2 6
2. Sweden 2 2 0 0 0 12:00 6
3. Germany one 0 0 0 one 0:1 0
4. Cada one 0 0 0 one 2:5 0
five. Austria 2 0 0 0 2 0:20 0

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