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A comet without another intruder? Great talent can stay in Canada after the World Cup

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Hockey Comet risks losing another hitter. According to iSport.cz, it is quite possible that the talented teeger Eduard Chalet (17) will stay abroad after the U20 World Cup! Cause? He wants to play in Cada’s junior league so he can be in the eyes of overseas scouts and coaches ahead of the summer draft and not lose his position at the top of the rankings.

In Brno, where he regularly played in the extraliga, Chalet was not at the center of the action. In addition, after a solid start, he stalled on points and scoring, starting mostly in third offense and with an average time on ice of 12:09 minutes. He scored 6 points (3+3) in 26 games, but last scored in mid-October in Olomouc. Subsequently, he was involved in a severe crisis in the team. It was clear that he did not yet have the strength for the highest adult competitions, and the pressure for better results did not allow the coaches to give the talented winger more space. At times he showed that he had very skillful hands, but the game did not depend on him.

That is why it is quite possible that Chalet will not return to the Czech Republic this year. The representative of the player Marek Vorel, who at that time was at the venue of the championship, did not comment on the situation when asked by iSport.cz. And this is saying something… “50/50 that immediately after the World Cup he will go to the youth team to prove himself,” said a well-informed source.

Young Shikula started in both duels at Rulik’s choice and scored three points (0 + 3) in the first formation in victories over Cada and Austria. Some pundits even see him as the second pick in the draft behind Cadian phenom Connor Bedard, making it a top-five pick.

Chalet was already thinking about a move to a foreign youth team before the start of the season. Had he not been given a solid spot on the Comets roster, he would have gone in that direction. “It was option B in case I didn’t play in Brno. The teams that selected the players knew this. They didn’t want to lose a peak to a player who wouldn’t even go there,” he explained in an interview with iSport.cz at the end of October.

In any case, the Brno club threw the nets to strengthen the rrow line-up. Mostly in attack, where there is a hole after the departure of Tomi Sallinen, the injuries of Tomasz Vinkur and Jakub Zbořil, as well as the departure of Eduard Chalet for the U20 World Championship. An attempt to loan defender Daniel Gazda and striker Jiří Ondraček from Zlín failed. Comet did not offer adequate compensation for the alterte start, so League One’s Rams backed out of negotiations. The proposed replacement in the form of unproductive striker Jan Dufek did not satisfy them.

So far, only 28-year-old Adam Raska has arrived in Brno, having completed his short fight with the British Sheffield Steelers (19 games, 12 points). A tive of Kopřivnice knows this well in Brno, he worked there in the 2016/2017 season. He will have to fight for a longer contract on a month-long trial.

It was not available against Mountfield HK, the administration is looking into it. The Comet gave me my first big chance in senior hockey and I want it back. I spent many years here and all my hockey endeavors,” said the striker, who has also worn jerseys from Mladá Boleslav, Chomutov, Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice in the extra league.

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thirty fifteen 7 4 4 86:59 63


31 16 4 6 five 103:78 62


31 fifteen 2 five nine 90:63 54


32 fifteen 4 one 12 82:67 54


31 fourteen 4 one 12 78:71 51


32 12 3 7 10 81:81 49


31 nine 6 eight eight 89:79 47


thirty eleven 4 one fourteen 76:78 42


31 nine 6 2 fourteen 76:92 41

M. Boleslav

31 nine 4 five 13 61:73 40


32 10 2 five fifteen 89:95 39

No. Budejovice

31 10 3 3 fifteen 76:86 39

K. Vari

32 10 3 2 17 72:99 38


31 eight 3 five fifteen 71:109 35
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