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The dastardly killer Mrazek also had a six-year-old victim! They got it by accident due to a stupid mistake

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Poor family, many children, almost complete lack of education and diligence. Throw in a mental breakdown and you have one of the most insane Czech serial killers of the 20th century. Vaclav Mrazek was not afraid to kill his female victims, even if they were accompanied by men.

In 1925, Vaclav Mrazek was born into a poor family and was one of twelve children. He left school in the fifth grade and started working as a miner. But he earned more from petty theft – he was so good at it that his father forced him to teach his younger brothers and sisters how to steal. He received a suspended sentence for similar crimes and ended up in jail.

Due to his small stature, he could not be the soldier he dreamed of. So he signed up at least for the armed escort of a humanitarian convoy to Romania and Bulgaria – here he witnessed incredible things from murders to sexual practices in exchange for stolen goods. Thanks to the weapon, Mrazek filly felt powerful.

Mrazek met his victims on the way to work. He gave in to the urge to attack one of them for the first time in August 1951. Kha Ch. was beaten with a stick in a meadow where cows were grazing. He dragged the limp body a little further and raped him.

The second victim – Bronislava P. – he shot less than a month later. He raped her again and dragged her body into the stream. Two other women he attacked with a knife survived the attack. The police also investigated the version that the attacker was actually a woman. this was supposed to be indicated by the voice and the low force of the knife blows, which inflicted only superficial wounds.

In June 1952, he shot Ele M. – the first shot pierced the collar of her coat, the second pierced the coat on her back – but the girl survived. In addition, Mrazek ejaculated during the shot and lost interest in the victim. However, an hour later, Mrazek shot only sixteen-year-old Maria D., whose body he again dragged and raped. He covered her head with the remains of her dress, which he cut open with a knife. The body was discovered by Ele M., who went to see the place where someone had shot her.

A second sixteen-year-old girl was killed by Mrazek in July. He passed Jiři H. on his bicycle. He called out to her and when she turned around he shot her straight in the face. He raped the body. The fifth and sixth victims were a couple who were on a road trip. He shot the man and hid his body under the branches. He shot the woman, who at first only feigned death as she was about to run away. He raped the corpse again.

By this time, the police were already investigating a series of murders and had tested more than 25,000 suspects. But Mrazek escaped. Therefore, he tried to kill other victims in a different way – he wanted to strangle them, but they all eluded him. That’s why he only raped women – his youngest victim was only six years old!

The last murder had a robbery motive. He wanted to rob the house of his acquaintances, but found Alzhbeta B there. He beat her with an ax, forced her eleven-year-old granddaughter to find money and valuables for him, and then raped her.

The capture of this serial killer happened more or less by accident – he was caught stealing from the mining locker rooms. During a search of the house, persol belongings of his victims and a gun that coincided with the murders were found. At first he stubbornly denied it, and then admitted with tears.

He was condemned very quickly however, he had no idea that the death pelty was in effect at the time, and so he waited a maximum of ten years. At the end of 1957, on December 29, he was executed in Prague on Pankrác.

Source: Blesk

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