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Guardiola delighted: bottle with a kick and “sexy” body Haaland was angry

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The Gunners are in top form, with a comfortable two-goal win and the race to top Arsel continues well… However, mager Josep Guardiola also experienced some tough moments during Manchester City’s 3-1 win against Leeds ) on Wednesday. After one of the unrealized moments, he even shot a bottle of water at a substitute opponent, after which he immediately grabbed his head. But the main thing is that he can still count on striker Erling Haaland, who broke another record. “But he’s still not in the best shape,” surprised the Spanish coach, who also jokingly commented on Calvin Phillips’s “overweight”.

Haaland led the victory over Leeds with two goals, the Norwegian representative is indeed in full swing after more than a month away from the tourment in Qatar. He also scored last week in a 3-2 cup win against Liverpool. “I was sitting at home on the couch, and he was a little upset that I didn’t play there. I was like a commentator for the World Cup, but no one listened to me, ”he said in an interview with Amazon Prime.

He looked forward to the return of competitive matches. “I have seen others score and win games. It annoyed me and motivated me at the same time. I have recharged my batteries and am hungry like never before,” he said.

Indeed, in the match against Leeds, he even scored a hat-trick within reach, but was fantastically stopped by goalkeeper Illan Mellier. “I could give them five!” Haaland fired.

But he didn’t. However, he has scored twenty goals in fourteen appearances and is clearly the league’s top scorer. The second is Harry Kane with thirteen hits. “He is an incredible threat to opponents, always in the right place at the right time. He’s really good,” Guardiola praised.

Shooter table
Player Goals
one. Erling Haaland Manchester twenty
2. Harry Kane Tottenham 13
3. Ivan Tony brentford eleven
4. Alexander Mitrovic Fulham 10
five. Miguel Almiron Newcastle nine
6. Rodrigo Moreno Leeds nine
7. Roberto Firmino Liverpool 7
eight. Phil Foden Manchester 7
nine. James Maddison Leicester 7
10. Mohamed Salah Liverpool 7
View full table

The Spanish coach then added a line that would surely have scared the sups in the fight for the title. “I think he is still not in the best shape due to an injury (a leg problem at the end of October), with his huge body it is not easy to move. But the more minutes played, the better.”

Is it even possible? Haaland broke a respectable record against Leeds, where he was born. He reached the goal of twenty goals faster than any player in the history of the Premier League. “The most important thing is victory, Arsel are at the top, and we have to hunt for it,” the gunner reminded that the second City were five points behind the leader.

While drama is expected in the struggle for a league triumph before the fil rounds, the “citizens” could be calm against Leeds: after more than an hour of play they were leading by three goals, Pascal Struyk’s shot was missed by the home side. But … Guardiola after one of the goals conceded, he could not stand it, in spite of everything, he quickly turned around and kicked a bottle of water, which, to his horror, flew straight at the opponent’s spare. He immediately walked towards her. and apologized.

Phillips has a sexy body

After the match, Guardiola also explained the situation around Calvin Phillips. Unlike Haaland, the 27-year-old midfielder played in the World Cup in Qatar when he quickly returned to action from a shoulder injury. In the English jersey, he scored 43 minutes in two matches of the tourment. But after returning to the club, he never got into a fight.

“He is not injured but came back overweight. I don’t know how he did it, but he can’t play or train like that. When he is in shape, he will start because we really need him.” described Guardiola last week.

But Phillips is already working, at least he appeared on the bench against Leeds, where he lasted until the fil whistle. “Now he has the perfect body, so sexy,” Guardiola joked after the match. “It’s not just that he’s in good shape, but he also needs to understand what we want to do, what kind of moves, transfers and things like that,” he added.

The stoplight probably won’t be particularly long due to a few extra pounds, the England representative could already play in Saturday’s league game against Everton. “We’ll see,” the coach said. “Rodri can’t play all the games, so Calvin will be back as soon as possible.”

Can City catch up with Arsel in time with Phillips in the squad? Competition almost half way…

Manchester All about the club HERE

one. Arsel fifteen 13 one one 36:12 40
2. Manchester fifteen eleven 2 2 43:15 35
3. Newcastle 16 nine 6 one 32:11 33
4. Tottenham 16 nine 3 4 33:23 thirty
five. Manchester United. fifteen nine 2 4 23:20 29
6. Liverpool fifteen 7 4 4 31:18 25
7. Brighton fifteen 7 3 five 26:20 24
eight. Chelsea fifteen 7 3 five 19:17 24
nine. Fulham 16 6 4 6 27:26 22
10. brentford 16 4 eight 4 25:27 twenty
eleven. crystal palace fifteen five 4 6 15:21 nineteen
12. Aston Villa 16 five 3 eight 17:25 eighteen
13. Leicester 16 five 2 nine 25:28 17
fourteen. Bournemouth 16 4 4 eight 18:34 16
fifteen. Leeds fifteen 4 3 eight 23:29 fifteen
16. West Ham 16 4 2 10 13:20 fourteen
17. Everton 16 3 five eight 12:19 p.m. fourteen
eighteen. Wolves 16 3 4 nine 10:25 13
nineteen. Nottingham Forest 16 3 4 nine 11:33 13
twenty. Southampton 16 3 3 10 14:30 12

England – Premier League

13 hours ago

CUT: Haaland scores against Leeds twice, 20 already

CUT: Haaland scores against Leeds twice, 20 already

England – Premier League

December 24, 2022 • 1:24 pm

Star City: We’re back with the World Overweight Championship! He can’t even train, Guardiola says.

Star City: We're back with the World Overweight Championship!  He can't even train, Guardiola says.

Source: Blesk

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