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Badminton player Lauda made her dream debut at the Venice Masters.

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Badminton player Lauda made her dream debut at the Venice Masters.

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My dream is the Olympics, the hope of Czech badminton is recognized

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Two traditiol participants in the post-Christmas strength measurement and two newcomers. This was the starting field for the Venice Masters 2022. Austrian Vraber and Christian Savin from Moldova already knew the format of the tourment well. Czech number one Jan Lauda and Indonesian Andi Fadel Muhammed, who trains in Europe, tested the NIBE Are for the first time at the event.

Semi-fil fights in the morning program brought two different stories. Jan Lauda showed his class and did not let Christian Savin into the game at all. After 21:5, 21:12, he could very quickly reach the top of the energy saving program. Fadel Mohammed, who won the Intertiol Series tourment in Portugal this year, needed all his skill to defeat Luka Vraber 22:20, 11:21 21:15.

Not without attractive moments in the duel for bronze. 2019 winner Vraber approached the match very well, Savin made too many unforced errors and lost the first set 10-21. In the second, the performance of the Moldovan representative grew rapidly, he was able to make several excellent shots along the line and bring the 85th player in the world to the end. It already showed more playing experience, and the pretty Viennese won the second set, this time with a score of 22:20.

“Overall, I am very satisfied, after a few days of doing nothing, everything was fine on my part,” admitted the number one of the Austrian single. At 32, he still has big goals for the coming years. “I definitely want to go to the European Games in Krakow and try to fight for the Olympics in Paris, but I will do it day in and day out and see how it goes,” Martial Crown said.

The fil brought even better badminton. Jan Lauda brilliantly entered it and immediately increased the lead by several points, which he maintained until the end of the first set. Muhammad, who has two tourment laurels this year and his rating does not fully match the game he played, started the second act perfectly, in which he domited 21:14. However, the long run of the representative of the Czech Republic with a score of 6:6, when he defeated the Indonesian, and then confidently secured the lead until the last ball of the match, turned out to be decisive in the third set. A 2-1 victory, a first triumph at the Venice Masters tourment, quality preparation, and good prize money – the trip to Central Bohemia was undoubtedly worth it for Loud.

“When I saw the results of Muhammad, I immediately understood that he is a quality player, so I definitely did not underestimate anything and from the very beginning I tried to be more active, which I did well in the first set. But in the second act, he pushed me away from the net, and I went into defense more often. But, in the end, I succeeded, I think it was a decent performance on my part, both in the semi-fil and in the fil,” the badminton player from Pilsen, who had no idea how his game would look like before the tourment, appreciated . like.

“I didn’t know what kind of performance I could expect from myself, I had a week off after qualifying for the ME teams, I was only on the court twice with my brother during the holidays,” admitted the 59th player in the world. who did not underestimate tactical training. “I consulted with the coach on the match plan, this is an exhibition, but why not win it,” laughed the recent winner of the Venice Masters 2022, who became the third Czech overall to win the tourment.

Between the matches of the main tourment, a year later, the Venice Masters Junior tourment followed again, where the strongest Czechs in the U13, U15 and U17 categories presented themselves. For example, the three-time champion of the republic Lukas Tor showed an excellent performance, Elishka Mikeshova and Stepanka Nydrlova cut a replay of the fil of the republican championship under 15 years old – again in favor of the Prosek player. Amelie Miksnerova, who won bronze at the U15 European Championships this year, was also in the show, and Marek Czepela, who defeated Adam Burzhet, at least partially regained his appetite after an illness at MČR. We will tell about the Venice Masters Junior tourment in a separate article.

Venice Masters 2022 results
Andi Fadel Muhamad (Indonesia) – Luka Vraber (Austria) 22:20, 11:22, 21:15
Jan Louda (Czech Republic) – Christian Savin (Moldova) 21:5, 21:12
3rd place match
Luca Vraber (Austria) — Christian Savin (Moldova) 10:21, 20:22
The fil
Andi Fadel Muhamad (Indonesia) – Jan Lauda (Czech Republic) 16:21, 21:14, 15:21

Source: E15

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