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Wednesday on Netflix, perfect family hours: you’ll fall in love with a young rebel, even if you don’t want to

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Her me is Wednesday, but she was born on Friday the thirteenth. She’s fifteen, loves spiders, black shadows, and is insanely pale. He doesn’t blink, he doesn’t smile. Even the look kills. He hates the adult world and the last thing he wants to do is make someone happy. He despises social networks and writes a novel, of course, on a typewriter. In five years, she changed eight schools, and in the last one, with which the series begins, she released little black piranhas into a pool full of boys. He discovers in himself, apparently from his parents, supertural abilities, but so far he does not know how to deal with them. So she has to transfer to the famous Nevermore boarding school for students who, like her, are really “weird” …

Thus begins the first season of the strangely dark, incredibly entertaining eight-episode series Wednesday (each part is about 50 minutes long, only the first one is almost an hour), based on the main character of the same me. It’s been on Netflix for about a month since Wednesday, November 23rd, and it’s already clear a cult has been born: it’s already clocked over a billion hours and is currently the second most watched Netflix title after the Stranger Things season. four.

The Wednesday horror and crime drama series has the words “mysterious”, “supertural” and “family” in its subtitle: but it’s a genre-worthy “coming of age” story first and foremost. Here, teegers constantly compare themselves with their terrible parents, oppose themselves to them, argue with them, listen to their advice and despise them en masse. Then the young “freaks” at Nevermore Academy want to do things fundamentally differently than their ancestors, which apparently leads to 50 million households around the world playing Wednesday.

It’s a weird but sweet show. Creepy, strangely dirty and sparkling at the same time. There is a lot of irony in it, and you will often laugh along with it, even if you do not believe your eyes through laughter – for example, in the case of the boy bitten by testicles in the pool in the mentioned opening scene.

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The medium of director/producer Tim Burton is, of course, based on the goth subculture that we know from the early 80’s punk and post-punk scene, but he brilliantly pushes it two or three generations further into the current “queer”. ”: with rampant social media, with messages that are already blowing up the Internet, and with an exceptiol, congenial score by court composer Burton, four-time Oscar nominee Danny Elfman.

The Core Project was origilly a spin-off of the 1991 feature film The Addams Family, but is very loosely based on it; after all, the Addamses’ daughter Wednesday was still young at the time. All that remains is that Wednesday takes the family pet, The Thing, i.e. a severed, movable human hand full of scars, to the Nevermore. She helps her in various situations like a dog, a cat or a guinea pig…

No one but producer and director Tim Burton could sponsor the Wednesday; we know him as the confessor of the brilliant animated films Dead Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, of course Carl and the Chocolate Factory, Ed Wood, Big Fish or Batman returns.” Burton keeps the series at a perfectly precise level of stylization – if sometimes uncomfortably harsh, but, as is usually the case with his work by Burton, at the same time extremely human.

The Netflix medium rises and falls due to the accurate but utterly miscalculated and fair play of 20-year-old Mexican-American actress Jenny Ortega; in December, she was nomited for a Golden Globe Award for her performance (to be announced January 10, 2023). Her prom dance, which she choreographed for Wednesday, is currently a hit and the source of many other trends on TikTok. Jen Ortega herself has an official TikTok account just before Christmas 2022 with 17.7 million followers.

It’s odd that the big-me middle-generation actors on the show lag behind the younger, less experienced ones who feel right at home in Burton’s Wonderland. Morticia’s mother is played a bit haphazardly (and almost as if she doesn’t like it at all) by Catherine Zeta-Jones, while Gomez’s father is played by Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzmán. Nevermore Academy is led by Morticia’s classmate Larisa, played by 191cm British actress Gwendolyn Christie; she is the most famous of the adult actors.

Wednesday Jenny Ortega makes an interesting pairing with her Nevermore roommate Enid, played by 20-year-old American Emma Myers. Kind-hearted, cheerful and romantic, Enid likes, unlike Wednesday, the colors of the rainbow, dresses colorfully and loves parties. Someday she will become a werewolf, but so far she is not very good at it, she is far behind in werewolf development: so her parents try to send her to a summer training camp, where she will at least learn how to howl at the moon. However, Enid strongly rejects this: she wants to become a werewolf herself when she is old enough. She tries to be a good friend to Wednesday, but she doesn’t care. Or is it worth it?

Yes, in Nevermore the classic mainstream school world is deliberately crossed with the supertural, in this series it is similar to Harry Potter: vampires, the already mentioned future werewolves, also aspiring Gorgons from Greek mythology and, last but not least, breathtaking sirens study there, but at the same time these freaks usually fall in love, drink coffee, go to prom, gossip about teachers, study for exams, and do the same thing as “normal”, i.e., their non-supertural peers.

The essential, slightly confusing line in Wednesday is a detective story, rather crude, which is why the series is marked for kids thirteen and older: Arriving in Nevermore, Wednesday will feverishly solve a series of murders in the nearby city of Jericho and the surrounding woods. He throws himself headlong into the investigation, realizing that all this must be caused by some kind of monster controlled by one of the inhabitants of Nevermore. Somehow her parents, who were once Nevermore students, are also (apparently) involved…

The social networks are already discussing when and whether there will be a second season, both writers and showrunners of the series, Briton Miles Millar and American Alfred Gough, confirm that there is still something to tell. Netflix has yet to comment on a possible sequel, with a second season expected to be available in late 2023. Let’s just hope that Wednesday doesn’t suffer the same fate as some other Netflix series like The Crown, which has too many long episodes…

But this year, with family or alone, enjoy the perfect Christmas hour.

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