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Great shooting, worse running. Mixed relay finished 7th in Pokljuka

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Pokljuka is the Mecca of Slovenian biathlon. In the past, the Czech tiol team trained in the remote area of ​​the Triglav Natiol Park more than once. The Czechs remember their favorite place because the weekend was good for them from an individual point of view. Michal Krchmar took the maximum this year’s 5th place in the sprint. Marketa Davidova was also fifth twice. Teresa Vobornnikova enjoyed the ceiling of her career.

Before Christmas in Annecy Marketa, Davidova deviated somewhat from the beaten path with worse results, but in Pokljuka she again showed that she belongs to the elite. She took 5th place in both the sprint and the pursuit, and will go to Ruhpolding as the seventh woman in the overall standings of the joint venture. “Up to six, that’s great. Of course, I would like my legs to be a little livelier, but I’m happy with 5th place,” she added after Saturday’s chase.

Tereza Vobornnikova will also be taking home some points from Slovenia, who improved on her best SP record to finish 21st among fighters.

Michal Krcmar also finished 5th in the sprint, where he combined precision and fast shooting with well prepared skis. However, Bimba lacked a good fighter flight. “Sorry, of course, but I’m not going to get upset about this. Five fouls is too many, they shoot very well here. I had no chance of success. So I think it was just a bad day and Sunday will be better.”

Sunday was better, although it didn’t seem so at first. In singles mixed relays, Adam Vaclavik immediately destroyed any Czech ambition with an intermittent strike. Although Jessica Jislova followed him, the Czech duo did not rise above 15th place.

However, the Czech Republic looked more at the traditiol mixed relays, which featured a quartet of Jos Marecek, Michal Krcmar, Teresa Vobornnikova and Marketa Davidova. On the last stretch, Davidova lost sixteen seconds to 5th, but this time things went wrong and she failed to improve on 7th.

“Today was a struggle. I can barely tie my feet, so I’m very glad that I was able to make a stand, because I’m terribly tired and unsettled. My legs didn’t work at all. I am full of boots. At the stand, I felt like a gust hit us there There was a real whirlwind today, ”Krchmar assessed the difficulties in the relay.

“Fortutely, we have more time than the guys before Ruhpolding, so I can handle some regeneration and have to gain strength somewhere,” said a tired Davidova after the relay.

And how did the coach of the Czech Republic Michael Malek assess the Sunday relay races? “Adam didn’t do very well on the range in singles. We have to somehow work on it and try to collect it mentally. 7th place in the mixed relay is certainly not a failure, although we would like them to be higher, however, our opponents would have to help us with some hesitation.”


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Biathlon KM 2022/23 Pokljuka: program and results of the fourth stop of the KM


January 7, 2023 • 08:59

Biathlon: Krchmar fell in pursuit, Davidova defended 5th place

Biathlon: Krchmar fell in pursuit, Davidova defended 5th place

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