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We voice the presidential super debate live Thurs: Eight daredevils, a new moderator and Babish is afraid

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2023 presidential election

We voice the presidential super debate live Thurs: Eight daredevils, a new moderator and Babish is afraid

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What is the fundamental question every presidential candidate must answer?

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To hell with truth and love, shouted Babiš in 2017. Now he hopes that truth and love will win

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Beautiful and poignt – Andrey Babish will ignore you, CT scan viewers. But we will leave a chair for him if he changes his mind during the evening,” moderator Rzeznicek says.

Now the biggest cliché is why candidates have to be presidents. You will learn about it in the first five minutes of media training. I’m going to make tea.



So no, instead of Andrei Babish there is an empty hole. Then I do not understand who will ask and who will answer. Well, maybe Martin Rzeznicek will explain it to us. Candidates are introduced, everyone says a boring “Good evening”. I was expecting something a little more daring, like free hot dogs or welcome fries. But the environment of the Natiol Museum, apparently, obliges.



Martin Bartkowski

And the first surprise is that we have a six-on-three powerplay. The six non-favorites will ask questions of the three favorites. Will Andrew really be there? Otherwise it doesn’t work for me…



Martin Bartkowski

And here it is. It’s dark and there’s an echo. I feel like I’m in a cave. I hope we see the light at the end.



Martin Bartkowski

The sport is currently broadcast on Czech television. Czech basketball player Tomas Satoranski has an ankle inflammation and is not playing. I hope the injury will not affect the presidential election. So far, everyone is in good health. Also Yaroslav Bashta, who did not underestimate anything and is constantly improving.



Martin Bartkowski

Shall we start in five minutes? Are you tense? I’m not very…



Martin Bartkowski

Will Peter Paul be asked about his communist past? Will Danusha Nerudova explain the “issuance” of diplomas even on the CT scan screen? Will Marek Hilscher dial the number again? How soon after the start will Pavel Fischer talk about Vaclav Havel? Are they extorting Tomasz Zim for his Chinese fetish? Does Karel Divish think anything? Will his wife Josef Stršedulu replace him? Did Mr. Bashta take part in the debates? I hope the superdebate answers these questions!



Martin Bartkowski

Welcome to the presidential superglossary, I would like to write. But again, it probably won’t be such a joke. Eight candidates arrived at the Czech TV Super Debate, and Andrej Babiš, as expected, surrendered ahead of schedule and without a fight. Instead, he went on a little-known talk show by a giant internet host. But what if he thinks it will bring him good luck?

Although we are so deprived of facing the most vocal candidate, CT promises a dramatic spectacle, and host Martin Rzeznicek has prepared an interesting program. Well, let’s see.

Source: E15

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