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The police have been looking for Lucia since May: she was arrested in Dubai, but now the earth has collapsed after her. Friends are afraid

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Her friends have no idea where she’s gone. Lucy Kremplova (26) was arrested by the Dubai Police last year and placed in jail. Now it was as if the earth had collapsed after the young woman. In addition to the police, the Czech Embassy, ​​based in the United Arab Emirates, was involved in the case.

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In September, the prisoner was to be deported to the Czech Republic. However, in early October, friends lost contact with her. “She had a ticket we bought, the last time we heard Lucia at the airport, she was crying that she was arrested again. And then we found out that she fell ill and passed out there. We haven’t heard from her since.” specified for tn.cz

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According to the latest information, she was to be held in the Al Avir prison in Dubai. Acquaintances tried several times to find out where Lucy was, but to no avail. “We were told they don’t have her card right now” they noted.

The police are looking for Lucia (26), who was imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates.

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When jourlists tried to get more information directly from the embassy, ​​they received a negative response. “Due to the protection of persol data, the embassy is not authorized to provide you with any information on this case,” said consultant Lucy Svobodova.

This was stated by the representative of the police presidium David Shon. “Standard intertiol police and judicial cooperation with the UAE authorities is ongoing in the said case and we currently have no information to disclose.”.

Lucy is not very lucky in life. Her father has died, and her mother and brother are currently in prison. It is not yet clear why she was convicted.

Source: Blesk

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