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Bogumil Pechinka: Super debates were more like casting a film about presidential elections

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The two-hour presidential debates on Czech television were uncomfortably reminiscent of casting for a role in a film about the choice of the president. Even the subsequent debate has moved nothing, and the leadership of the CT may cross out one unwritten public law obligation.

That casting had an arrangement that was unpleasant for the participants themselves. Obviously, the bright light directed at the participants in the debate visually gave them an icteric appearance and did not give anyone peace. Sometimes Danushe Nerudova behaved like a sleepwalker under the influence of sedatives, and sometimes the theatrical arrangement put her to sleep. Others, on the other hand, acted as if they were on cocaine, breaking the very formal composition of the show.

The unspoken content of the debate was a fight between Danusha Nerudova and Peter Pavel. If we had to sum it up in one sentence, it would be something like this: Pavel was average, and the ex-principal was so overwhelmed by questions about the Mendelian scandal that she could only make a defensive statement. So, draw.

January 8, 2023 • 10:22 pm

Josef Stršedula withdraws his candidacy for the presidency, he supported Danusha Nerudova in the elections

Left paradoxes

The only strong moment was the fil resigtion of Josef Stršedula and his support for Danusha Nerudova, which gave impetus to her next campaign. Not that he actually gave her too many votes, but his gesture had great symbolic value. Not only for her, but for the Center itself. This shows that there is a fine line between when the public considers you a desperate candidate and how you can become a tion-building hero in thirty seconds. Josef Stršedula just scored, perhaps as one of the few participants in the debate. On the other hand, let’s be realistic. A number of polls show that the second choice of the voters of Josef Stršedula is more than fifty percent Andrej Babiš. Thus, Stršedula really attacked Babiš and supported Babiš. These are paradoxes.

Yaroslav Bashta was certainly another one of those who captured the opinion bubble. He is undoubtedly the candidate of the SPD and the Vrabel protesters from Wenceslas Square. It’s good that he told us that by dismissing the government and calling early elections, he wants to actually carry out a constitutiol coup. From now on, no one can say that they did not know.

Let truth and love go to hell, shouted Babiš in 2017.  Now he hopes it's true and...
Martin Bartkowski
January 7, 2023 • 8:44 pm

Let truth and love go to hell, shouted Babiš in 2017. Now he hopes it’s true and…

The way public opinion polls are conducted can be assessed as completely ucceptable. This is the word for deification. Especially when such a large percentage of people are undecided.

It is hard to believe that the world of Zemanov-Babis, which has a supermajority with a 65% participation in elections (parliamentary, presidential), will suddenly please only 35% of voters. This will come as a surprise again when elections are called.

It’s completely wrong to single out the two debaters with the most preferences based on polls from televised debates and give them extra punches in the form of follow-up questions. Either CT should lead discussions in a rrow circle, or all candidates, regardless of current preferences. It was the construction of an alibi that did not satisfy anyone. However, it is quite possible that she is not. Then everything is fine.

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