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Failed again. Rulik is also to blame. Crazy galleys, – the carriage bard recalled.

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Before the match, under the leadership of Jested, they scored all ten points against the rampant Liberec. During the Sunday fight, we believed in more, we could have had three, but in the end we took two with a good feeling. Lukasz Vopelka secured the 3-2 overtime victory for the České Budějovice hockey players. This striker can bite from the outside, after a recent change of coaches he was already on the Hradec Kralove stage with two goals. “He did it beautifully, a beautiful bluff,” praised his coach Roman Fousek. A clique of Pec veterans was to blame for the set-up.

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Nervousness around hockey in Budejovice. Just look at the table. Bad performances are not uncommon, the results are like on a swing, the team does not have time to jump into the zone where hockey can be done better and have more fun. South Bohemians are immersed in rescue work, where overalls and blacksmith equipment are needed. But even though they are downstairs, the exit from here still has two doors. Not far from the prelimiry round, but there is still a threat to enter the nervous barrage mill.

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Under Jested, almost everything was up to par. As much as possible?

Deployment. A clear plan not to lose.

A good start was crowned with a quick sigl after the throw-in, which was completed by Milan Gulas. The “Tigers” understood that they needed to improve, they did it, equalized the score in the majority and soon copied the debut goal of “Budějovice”. However, those who expected that the enemy would immediately disappear were mistaken. The hosts allowed two fouls, the guests entered a faster pace and equalized thanks to a tip from Stuart Percy. In the third act, with a better connection of the head and limbs, it was possible to reach a three-pointer. In the end, fierce efforts brought them two pieces. A big win for Motor in its current position. “Golden Points,” Fousek hit the mark.

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It is not surprising that the squadron of greasers Gulash (37 years old), Pech (39), Chahotsky (41 soon) with five Cadian points (1 + 4) laid the foundation for them. Her boss played over 25 minutes of pure time – more than any other actor on the ice. And his friends stayed by his side.

Pech treated everything dryly, with no surprises. “When I was young, I trained well,” he joked about indomitable endurance. He was prescribed drops at an important stage in his career by none other than Radim Rulik. “In the summer in Vary there were training twice a day, crazy galleys, for morale… We had to hit the bottom. Nothing could be missed, everyone gave their best and wanted to get into the tiol team. When I saw that no one was giving up, I couldn’t either. To train until the age of twenty-five was madness, ”the almost forty-year-old bard smiled.

He has known for a long time that even with this shovel, he can continue to mine. But that’s probably also due to his engagement at Sparta, where he wasn’t used that often before leaving for Motor, and he got hungry for extreme portions of minutes. “I am glad that the coaches trust me and I try to pay them back in every game,” Pec continued. “I give it my all. The same Milan and Chagi. We know that we are expected to support the team. Some guys find it harder, they play less. I was like that too, but I always tried to make the most of it. It doesn’t matter if I get eleven, fifteen or twenty minutes. But, of course, at this pace you feel better … “

Pech scored the winning goal in overtime after a great pass from Gulash, but he was countered by the great Piotr Kvacha. The pleasant moment was punctuated by immediate praise from Furce, who was about to throw up his hands. And then the goalkeeper got under the armor of the stick. “It needs to be transformed,” he said. “But he jumped there like a tiger, swung beautifully, caught beautifully,” Kvacha praised. “Why not admit it and praise him on the spot… Because I’m not going to cry over spilled milk. Fortutely, Vopy hit very well, and we have two important points,” said Pecha.

After a valuable set of five wins in six games, Liberec slowed down. “We are unhappy, but I have to give credit to the opponent who had a fantastic playoff style game. It was clear that he was playing for his life. They overworked us for most of the match, maybe they deserved it more,” admitted coach Patrik Augusta, who will no longer use Ondrej Vitask in the squad this season. After shoulder surgery, the defender will not be able to return. And the question mark hangs over the date too. the return of captain Michal Bulirz, who has not yet started skating due to a cut on his leg.

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34 eighteen 8 four four 104:67 74


35 nineteen four 7 five 114:84 72


35 17 four five nine 108:71 64


36 sixteen four 2 fourteen 95:84 58


34 sixteen four 1 13 89:79 57


36 fourteen 3 7 12 91:96 55


35 eleven 6 nine nine 105:91 54


34 12 6 2 fourteen 90:87 50


36 eleven 2 7 sixteen 98:107 44


35 10 6 2 17 85:109 44

M. Boleslav

35 10 four five sixteen 73:86 43

No. Budejovice

35 10 four 3 eighteen 83:99 41

K. Vari

35 eleven 3 2 nineteen 81:110 41


35 nine 3 five eighteen 78:124 38
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  • Generali play-off prelimiry round
  • Barrage

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