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Silence in the hall, already cold. Comet has Friday the 13th often, coaches won’t decide

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Winter classic 2023. Great glory. On Friday the 13th, Kometa and Trshinec will face each other in the open air at Tehelné poli in Bratislava, where they usually play football. Czech Extraliga in Slovakia, an exceptiol event. However, this comes at the most inopportune moment for the Brno club. At the moment when the Rondo is not applauded in protest because the fans have run out of patience due to the poor performance and unsatisfactory results of their “club”. During the match against Pardubice, a giant banner hung in the auditorium under the cauldron: YOU MUST EARN OUR SUPPORT Team reaction: Another defeat, albeit with heartfelt resistance.

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Of course, the hockey player who did not start at all received the biggest applause. How aptly… Only junior Eduard Chalet, one of the silver boys of Rulik’s party at the World Championships, who, after returning from Cada, remained in civilian clothes, stirred up the audience. The audience stood up and glorified one of the Czech heroes. There was no more applause for the rest of the Brno team. Even the Fleck correction at 1:3 did not evoke emotions, as usual.

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The Kometa express will go to Bratislava with members of the Kometa family. She is crying seriously, the fans are fed up. How many of them will go to freeze in the Slovak metropolis? The interesting idea of ​​exporting the extra league abroad now looks like a step aside. The expected crowds of blue and white supporters will not board the train. They are not in the mood for such events. In order for the huge stadium to have at least a slightly decent atmosphere, it is absolutely necessary for Komet to win in Olomouc on Wednesday and restore (at least temporarily) the trust of their believers.

The crisis of a well-known brand certainly does not concern only this season, it has been going on for the fourth year. It doesn’t matter who is on the bench and whether captain Martin Zatovich plays on the first or fourth line. The problem is much deeper, and the owner of a large Moravian organization, Libor Zabranski, needs to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. He can easily start with himself, and then boldly continue the alysis down. Regardless of friendship.

His property has been deteriorating, losing value and prestige since the title in 2018. Brno is no longer a member of the domestic hockey elite, he only wants to be one. It has been a long time since words and desires have turned into deeds. What is the fault of not only the players, but also the builders of the team, which looks much better on paper than on ice.

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Fiala, Kalous, Peshut, Modri, Martinec… None of the coaches (led by Libor Zabransky) have done anything with the team over the past four seasons that the fans would remember with gratitude. The last two still have a chance. But so far they don’t seem to know how to quickly bring up a struggling option. On the ice, there is no difference between the work of Peschuth and his successors.

Joy, pride, endless lines for sausages and beer gradually disappeared from Ronda. Only announcer Michal Cilik artificially maintains the euphoria, from the emotiol expression of which one gets the feeling that the hosts beat the opponent match after match. This is no longer the case. The restrained game was enough for the leaders of Pardubice to win with a score of 4:1.

And the Comet, although not so badly played against the leader, is still looking for its bottom. This year’s playoff prelimiry round will be worth the title that Boss Zabransky envisions every summer. Brno is already cold, unfriendly and worried about the future. Including because of the (non)construction of a new multifunctiol are. Friday the 13th is held almost every week. However, there is still time to improve.

January 8 • 17:00
HC Comet Brno
HC Comet Brno

January 8

HC Dymo Pardubice
HC Dymo Pardubice

Watch online broadcast

VIDEO of the match HERE


Home: 46:45. Spot

Guests: 07:40. L. Sedlak, 20:43. R. Kusal, 24:42. J. Kolar, 59:05. Zohor


Home: Chilyak (40th Furkh) – Schotka, Kundratek (A), Kucherik, Holland, Chaloga, Khrbas, Gulashi (A) – Raska I, Zboril, Flek – Dufek, Holik, Pospisil – Suess, Strömberg, Koblizhek – Zatovich (C ), Kollar, Kratochvil.

Guests: Will (Mateha) – Chereshnyak, D. Musil, J. Kolář (A), T. Dvořák, Hradek, Vala, Buchko – Radil, Zohor (A), R. Kusal – Hika, L. Sedlak, Chenchala – Vondracek, Puliček (C), A. Musil – Rohlik, Paulovich, Gerchik.


Shire, Stano – Rampir, Sonek


Victory Group Are


6467 spectators

HC Comet Brno

All about the club HERE



34 eighteen 8 four four 104:67 74


35 nineteen four 7 five 114:84 72


35 17 four five nine 108:71 64


36 sixteen four 2 fourteen 95:84 58


34 sixteen four 1 13 89:79 57


36 fourteen 3 7 12 91:96 55


35 eleven 6 nine nine 105:91 54


34 12 6 2 fourteen 90:87 50


36 eleven 2 7 sixteen 98:107 44


35 10 6 2 17 85:109 44

M. Boleslav

35 10 four five sixteen 73:86 43

No. Budejovice

35 10 four 3 eighteen 83:99 41

K. Vari

35 eleven 3 2 nineteen 81:110 41


35 nine 3 five eighteen 78:124 38
  • Playoff Generals
  • Generali play-off prelimiry round
  • Barrage


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ANALYSIS: The Comet is treading water. Zabransky might have thought otherwise

ANALYSIS: The Comet is treading water.  Zabransky might have thought otherwise

Petr Klima

January 3, 2023 • 10:12 am

The fall of a comet seems almost comical to me. To move forward sometimes you have to move backward

The fall of a comet seems almost comical to me.  To move forward sometimes you have to move backward

Source: Blesk

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