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End of captivity! CR7 hurt Fernandez. It’s time to take charge

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Epithets of Bruno Ferndes? Wit, origility. And unpredictability. “Like the last ten pages of a detective novel, when you still don’t know who committed the murder,” the 28-year-old Portuguese described. But if you play on the same team as CR7, you lose the whole plot. Witch Eric needs to add more activity and adreline to Manchester United’s attack. In other words, upgrade software from CR7 to BF8.

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Each has a thousand possibilities. Quote author? Bruno Ferndes. With the ball at his feet, he traveled the fields of Italy, Portugal and England. Each time he found a way to outwit the opponent’s defense. Back record? She provides an alibi for him. “It’s not my style,” he says.

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“I’m always taking risks. I’m taking risks and looking for new, unexplored ways to create a chance,” he explained. “I know I will block a lot of events, but this is part of my game. It belongs to me.” on how much they mess up.Teammates lament needless rushes when they back off.

However, the coach remains patient. He knows that one or two moments are enough for Ferndez to rewrite the fate of the match. “If you want to build an offensive machine,” said Eric Witch, “you need a player like Bruno. Someone who sees opportunity in every, even seemingly hopeless, situation.”

However, in the current year of the Premier League, the Portuguese artist has not reached the maximum speed. He blocked the gate twice, assisted once. In 13 launches? It’s sad… It’s not that he played badly. He tries, he works, he creates. He made 613 passes (78% success), of which 201 went ahead and created 33 chances for teammates. However, more is expected of him.

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As in the World Cup, where he sowed terror: 357 minutes played, 288 touches, 176 assists (56 progressive), 9 chances created, 3 assists and 2 goals. Despite advancing to the quarter-fils, he earned a place in the tourment’s perfect squad and a best average rating of 8.38.

“It worked in Qatar, but not in the Dream Theatre? What is the problem?” Fans of the “Red Devils” ask about an equation that has no logical solution … The answer is the law of paradox. What does Ferndez need to ignite his creative spark and fireworks? Capable finisher. Like, for example, Cristiano Roldo – his role model and idol from his youth. But for some reason, the elements of BF8 and CR7 are mutually exclusive on the field.

The discovery was made by Michael Carrick. When he temporarily took over from Solskjaer last season, he first removed Bruno from the squad. United beat Villarreal in the Champions League (2-0). Subsequently, the disorganized “Manchester” played a valuable draw at “Stamford Bridge” (1:1). For a change, CR7 sat among the spares.

Fans and experts have become smarter. An interesting thesis, it deserves more careful study. Yes, since returning to Old Trafford, the mighty Cristiano has raised the banner of scorers 24 times (18 in the Premier League, 6 in the PL), but Ferndes’ productivity has declined. In the 2020/21 season, he was 0.77 points per game (58 games, 28+17 assists), in the 2021/22 season “only” 0.52 (46, 14+10).

The hypothesis of disparate factors was also confirmed by two coaching figures: Erik ten Hag and Ferndo Santos (Portugal). Both concluded that thinking about CR7 hurt Bruno’s poetry. “I don’t see why we can’t play together,” player number 8 shook his head, but statisticians have calculated that he spent 520 minutes with Roldo in the autumn quarter in the Premier League without scoring a goal or an assist. Balance sheet without it? 650 minutes and 2+1.

His best result was against Tottenham Hotspur (2-0). In a duel in which Cristiano refused to come on as a substitute and turned all the attention to himself. Again. And how else … But so that it does not sunk. The Red Devils played a masterpiece against the Spurs maged by Ten Hagi. Hugo Lloris was under fire between three posts – a total of 28 shots (10 on target). Prior to this, the team under the leadership of Antonio Conte had not faced so many attempts (in 318 matches).

And the main driver was Bruno. He defended himself, attacked and, in the heat of the fight, maged to give out, maybe even a few autographs. He created 9 chances, scored 6 shots, converted one into a goal. He inspired his teammates with his performance and dedication, in turn he was their best friend – best friend. Not someone who just blindly follows a more famous fellow countryman, whom he searches all the time and overlooks other colleagues in a better position.

With Roldo on the pitch, Bruno’s imagition seemed to shrink from a thousand possibilities to one. At any cost, find a friend, give him an A on the next mark, and hope that one day he will be mentioned in a memoir under the working title: Welcome Humanity.

But in doing so, he hurt himself, his teammates and teammates. Of course, if you miss the big Cristiano from the pass, you will be met with anger and a look where your face will turn so red that you cannot distinguish it from boiled crawfish in a pot. Nothing pleasant, everyone will confirm. That is, even the empire of the devil, which relieved the need. Especially the Witch. The CR7 virus has been identified, removed, and Old Trafford believes the BF8 app will start making targeted products again.

Like in January 2020 when Ferndez was dancing in the north of England. The red devils swayed in the middle of the table, looking at the crossbars of the goblets from a respectable distance. Champions League? The conquest of Everest seemed more real. But for a tive of Mayo, a village near Porto, nothing is impossible. Where others lose hope, he sees opportunity. There are 14 chapters left until the end of the 2019/20 league marathon. And United announced a wanted list for every point…

In the rest of the season, the winner was not found (9 wins, 5 draws), the Portuguese medicine resurrected both Rashford and Martial, both scored 17 goals. Bruno did his part with an 8+7 balance and a Dream Theater dressed in Champions League garb.

The furious race continued into the following year as the Red Devils failed their performance and staged a celebration in second place in the English league. Ferndez’s contribution was 18+11. Now he would like to develop this and restore the source of offensive operations.

After the departure of Roldo, he will again take on the bulk of the responsibility. Leader. A position that suits him. He can see left and right again. The spaces that have been hidden in the shadow of the ego that denies the presence of others are re-emerging a little more clearly.

Rashford, Martial, Sancho, Anthony, Garcho, Elanga… The potential of a thousand possibilities. Just light the flame and fire off. And if Bruno brings his uniform from Qatar and transforms it to club level, perhaps he will start his own book: How to bring a giant out of depression.

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