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Rulik’s story: Jalonen’s successor as a master electrician? Boss don’t mind

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He worked as a master electrician at a fuel plant in Vrshesov in western Bohemia. Vida, even the foreman of electricians can become one of the most sought-after trainers in the country. Radim Rulik has made a me for himself in the past, is showered with superlatives after winning the U20 World Championship silver medal and is at the peak of his career. Suddenly, the question is in the air whether and when he will become the successor to Kari Jalonen in the tiol team. “The results of Radim’s work are thought provoking,” says union head Alois Khadamczyk.

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The young men in the tiol jersey in Halifax drove the fans, specialists, in a word, everyone who is not indifferent to the tiol sport crazy. In the country that gave the world hockey, they raised the credit of the overlooked Czech industry to a level that no one here remembers for twenty years. Whoever you turn to, you will be told that the fifty-seven-year-old tive of Ostrov d Ohri has a great merit in the eruption of enthusiasm. Who is he?

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Born: June 10, 1965 (aged 57) Residence: Ostrov d Ohri.

Club career: Karlovy Vary/assistant (1991-95/2nd league, 1995/96 1st league), Pilsen/assistant (1996-2001), Karlovy Vary/head coach (2000/01), Omsk/assistant (2002/03 ), Karlovy Vary/assistant (2003/04), Karlovy Vary/head coach (2004/05), Pilsen/assistant (2005/06), Pilsen U20/head coach (2005-08), Znojmo/head coach (2008/ 09), Khomutov / head coach (2009/10), Sparta / assistant (2010/11), Lev Poprad / head coach (KHL, 2011/12), Kosice / head coach (2012/13), Sokolov / head coach ( 2013/14), Litvinov/head coach (2017/18), Sparta/assistant (2018), Mladá Boleslav/assistant (2018/19), Mladá Boleslav/head coach (2019-22), Pardubice/head coach ( 2022-?)

The greatest achievements of the club: title with Litvinov (2014/15), twice play-off semi-fil with Mlada Boleslavy (2020/21, 2021/22), first league winner (2009/10), Extraliga Coach of the Season award (2014/15)

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Sorry, the question is not very relevant. In the end, Radim Rulik did enough. Litvinov achieved a historical title in the Extraleague, as the right hand of Yaroslav Holik was at the gold championship of the 20s already in 2000, as an assistant he helped Vladimir Ruzicek dance the golden waltz at the World Championship Championship in Vien in 2005, the legendary Ivan Glinka chose him for the trip to Russia Omsk.

He trained in Pilsen, in Karlovy Vary, began a short pilgrimage for the “Popradsky Lion” in the KHL, went to Kosice. Together with colleagues Miloslav Horzhava and Pavel Patera, he raised Mlada Boleslav. He had a number of great successes, perhaps even more disappointments and strange commitments.

“Trial and error coach. But because he’s been in this job for so long, he’s come a long way with experience,” says skill coach Radek Duda, who has known Rulik persolly for decades.

Among the strange engagements, in a way, one can me the position of construction mager at the time when Rulik had to leave Litvinov (2017/18), and then from Sparta. “A friend suggested that I work for him. He has a construction company, I worked for half a year as a foreman, and he was delighted. Change, landing in the reality of life. I must say that I liked it. There is also a certain self-confidence that if it were not for coaching, I could earn a living in a different way, which is very important, ”he said with satisfaction in an interview with the Sport newspaper in the spring.

He quit hockey at twenty because

Source: Blesk

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