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The D1 motorway towards Prague was closed due to an accident in Psarou.

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On Monday morning, the police blocked the D1 highway for 49.5 km near Psarou. Blame the accident with the participation of several vehicles. The police cleared the road in half an hour.

The police reported the accidents on Twitter. “Drivers, be careful! At 49.5 km of the D1 highway in the direction of Prague, an accident involving several cars was registered, the route is closed.” law enforcement officials said.

They subsequently added that it was a four-car accident. Fortutely, there were no casualties, but the police did not specify how long the closure would last. The accident occurred around 7:30 am at the 49th kilometer in the direction of Prague, the fire brigade and police are on the scene. “There were no casualties and no fuel leaks.” said Vladimira Kerekova, a spokeswoman for the fire department.

Half an hour later the road was cleared and traffic resumed.

Source: Blesk

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