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Golden youth does what they want: Races in the center of Prague, tunnels… And the police don’t know anything about it

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They dodge between cars, rush through the center of Prague, stop in tunnels, endangering everyone around them. A group of young sports car drivers organized a meeting a week between holidays. Anyone who expected decent behavior on the road would be wrong. Instead, young drivers raced like crazy again, bragging about it on social media. And the police are just standing by.

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Golden youth, a topic that Glitter has been working on for a long time. Almost two years ago, a group of young people appeared on social networks who spent the night racing in the center of Prague. They were not embarrassed that they were driving at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour through the city, which endangered everything around … The police dealt with them, but this did not lead to anything.

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Since then, this obscenity, unfortutely, has spread not only in Prague, but throughout the country. Groups, motor races, and travel around the capital are held. One such meeting took place on the last Monday in December. A large group of “racers” gathered again.

140 km/h in the city

While everything was happening in the parking lots, judging by the posted videos, everything was fine. Apart from launching rackets, drifting and spinning engines, members of the so-called golden youth did not threaten other drivers in any way.

However, their habit is such that after a while they begin to move through the center of the capital to other locations. Then it starts to tempt some people to break the rules again. For example, in one video from 5. Tsvetya Street, towards the center, at least two cars are racing each other.

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They were not afraid to go over 140 km / h at full speed. Isn’t that enough? Nowhere. When driving, they did not even hesitate to overtake other cars, apparently from the “calculation” they rode in a column with turn sigls on.

Racing in the tunnels

Several days passed and the group met again. How else can young riders race with each other again. Wednesday evening, less traffic. To get the adreline they needed, they were not afraid to stop at one of the tunnel complexes. A quick start followed and the race began.

Even at that moment, before they could leave, the dispatcher’s voice came from the loudspeakers in the tunnel. “Clear the tunnel immediately!” The operator warned the reckless drivers, because there were three cars in the oncoming lane, between which at least one person was moving. The tunnel is not only dangerous, but above all prohibited. The following video shows one of the drivers speeding down the D1 highway. On the speedometer, the speed is more than 250 kilometers per hour.

The police did nothing

“We did not deal with any of the above events on Wednesday and Monday,” This was stated by the representative of the Prague police, Jan Rybansky. At the same time, the police presidium boasted a few months ago that it would use its new Ferrari, seized by the police as part of a property crime investigation, against similar competitors. “The vehicle will be used in a tionwide division and we expect to use it against the most aggressive Czech road pirates,” described the head of the traffic police Jiří Zly in July. However, it has not yet been proven that the police used the sports car in any way.

they are dangerous

Traffic expert Roman Budsky from the VIZE 0 platform is very critical of gambling drivers. “This is absolutely pathetic entertainment. Such a person is dangerous, he exposes himself, but especially the environment, to danger and annoys others. To meet such a Mamluk is a real experience.” Budsky said.

“It’s a force that allows this kind of behavior even in cities.” shakes his head at the expert’s reckless behavior. “He drives fast, his assistants are disabled, and at any moment he can lose control and collide with a crowd of onlookers on the sidewalk or destroy parked cars. And then it can turn tragic … ” Budsky concluded. According to him, these drivers do it mainly because they want attention and adreline, driving in traffic is more exciting for them than, for example, safer racing on the track.

Source: Blesk

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