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A cry for help was heard from the forest: during the search near Lipno, they found a hanged man with his mouth sealed

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It started on the afternoon of December 30th. A large-scale search operation was launched near the village of Nova Pets on Prahatiko. After whom? According to the callers, someone called for help, but it is not clear where the call came from. A helicopter with a thermal imager flew to the event. The whole event filly took a completely different direction when the police found a corpse in the forest. They were executioners with their mouths sealed.

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It was December 30, one day left until the end of the year. Police patrols began descending on Nova Peca on Prahatiko, and later a police helicopter also arrived. Several people called 158 and said they heard voices from the forest.

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According to police spokeswoman Marti Djoklova, it was supposed to sound like a call for help. Therefore, on this basis, a search operation was launched. For example, there was a risk that someone would end up in the swamps and not be able to get out, or someone would fall off a cliff.

Torso find

But it turned out that nobody’s life was in danger. On the contrary, in the course of operatiol-search activities, the police maged to find a human corpse. According to Blask, near the village of Nova Pec, the police found a hanged man. What struck me was that his mouth was wrapped in duct tape.

Was it murder? “The coroner called to the scene couldn’t rule out someone’s guilt, so a forensic autopsy was ordered.” introduced Bleshka Yoklova. Initially, the police treated the case as a violent death. The body had been in plain sight for a long time, it should have been more of a torso. The police did not want to comment on how long they were at the scene. Similarly, whether it was a missing person.

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In the end, it turned out to be suicide. “An autopsy showed it was a suicide. We won’t release any more information about the case for now.” added the spokeswoman. So the question is why the voice for help came from the forest. Someone found a hanged man, got scared, screamed and ran away?

Source: Blesk

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