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She fell twenty: it was not a weak link. We didn’t have more compact protection

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Compact team, great defense. “Even at the gold championship, we didn’t have that,” says Rostislav Klesla (40), the 2001 world junior champion in Russia, where he was the top scoring defender and also won the tourment’s best defender award. , about the silver Czech team from Halifax. “It was nice to see the team playing with real confidence.”

He picked up the phone at the Old Town Square in Prague. “I’m going to say hello to the guys, but there’s no one yet,” Rostislav Klesla smiled. “For the performances they performed, they would have deserved a show from the fans.”

Did you like the performance of the Czech selection?
“Definitely! I must admit that he surprised me. The selection looked completely different than in previous years. It was nice to see him play confidently, and the guys who are there belong to the team. There was no weakness. Four full and balanced lanes, excellent goalkeeper. The coaching staff was also well chosen – experienced bards and younger guys who did a lot of work that people usually don’t see. Our teams used to have players through whom some goals passed, but not now. And every line could threaten “What I liked the most was the healthy confidence and play of the defenders. There was no weak link.”

Does it document the appearance of Alyosha Cech in the file? He started at number seven and was one of the standouts against Cada for the gold.
“It’s true, he wasn’t completely out of his mind. Persolly, I liked the young Shpagr (David Spaczek) the most. He made no mistake, he played well up and down. Stanya Svozil has been a bit of a treadmill in the last two games, playing one-on-one, until then he’s been doing everything perfectly. Jiříček kept his game, perhaps strengthening it towards the end. Such power in defense is not particularly visible, her game will do a lot.

Source: Blesk

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