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The tragic accident in Rykhnovsk took on a different dimension: a young man deliberately drove into the oncoming lane, killing two people and himself

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In the midst of the holidays, a tragic head-on collision took place near Rychnov d Knezka, in which the lives of three people were lost. A few months later, the police found that the driver (33) of the Golf had deliberately driven in the opposite direction and deliberately collided with an oncoming vehicle. He wanted to commit suicide, but he took two innocent people with him.

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The accident happened on August 12 last year at about six o’clock in the evening. On the road between Rychnov d Knez and Rokytnica in the Orlické Mountains, a tragic accident occurred in which the driver (33) of the golf cart and the female driver (46) and passenger (18) in the oncoming vehicle died.

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None of them survived. Investigators investigating the accident found out a few months later that the driver of the Golf deliberately drove into the oncoming lane. He wanted to commit suicide.

“According to these findings, the driver of the Volkswagen had a suicidal intention to develop a very high speed, in fact twice the speed limit in this area, while he increased the speed to the last, did not slow down and crashed head-on. hitting the car of an accidentally oncoming victim, thereby causing immediate death not only to himself, but also to both victims, said police spokeswoman Eva Pracharzhova.

They initially investigated the case as a negligent traffic accident but reconsidered it. Now we are talking about a deliberate act of the so-called extended suicide, during which the young driver was supposed to commit a double murder. However, since the perpetrator has passed away, the case will be adjourned after all the details have been clarified.

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Source: Blesk

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