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The triumph of the leader was born in silence. The Futile Wrestling of the Comets and the Fan Boycott

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On Monday, head coach Radim Rulik, who won silver at the junior world championship, will report on his work in Pardubice. He will return to a team that, even without his direct leadership, held the top spot in the Tipsport Extraliga. “He praised us and we praised him,” smiles assistant Marek Zadi, who maged Dymo with Richard Krahl for a month. On Sunday in Brno, where there was a boycott of home fans, for the last time. They led the leaders of the table to a 4:1 triumph.

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After the explosion in Mladá Boleslav, “Kometa” did not give more points without a fight. However, she did not win the favor of the fans. At the Winning Group Are, only a group of visiting fans applauded, the home cauldron was silent throughout the match. “The audience is our sixth player, they have always supported us and support us. Now they have decided to keep quiet,” defender Marek Chaloga shrugged.

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The maximum of positive emotions were applauded, the loudest applause was given to the successful junior Eduard Chalet, who, after returning from Cada, watched another defeat in civilian clothes. It should start on Wednesday in Olomouc.

Things continue to roll on the Comet. There is no progress even after the next exchange of coaches. Although Yaroslav Modry patiently shows the fighters how to behave in the defense zone. “He helps us a lot. He played in the NHL, he should have experience,” Chaloga said. This is detail work. Changing little things can improve the whole game. However, this has not yet brought tangible results.

Even the errors in the back did not disappear. The defenders left the opportunity to score Lukas Sedlak, Robert Kusal for a flank shot into the post and defender Jan Kolář for a beautiful shot under the top post. After the second period, starting goalkeeper Marek Cilyak remained in the booth. “He didn’t feel well, he had to leave,” Modry explained. The recovered Dominik Furch ended the fight from scratch, but did not prevent the defeat.

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In the end there was also a goal into an empty net, when Jakub Fleck gave the hosts hope for a reversal after the break. “We don’t convert chances, we try our best to score. If we had scored a few goals, we would have calmed down and our game would have looked very different. That’s what we need to focus on. I believe that this will happen soon,” hopes Chaloga, who is still hampered by health problems. That is why he does not go on the offensive.

Top scorer Lubos Gorky has been completely sidelined by them in the last few days. However, his return is coming. Today he should start training and playing again in Olomouc.

“We need to instill self-confidence in the boys,” Modry urged. However, the psyche of the team is broken after a series of failures, they hardly find the strength to reverse the results. And this time they were sunk by the second third. This is a critical part of Brno’s game with repeated breakdowns. “We haven’t played such a poor quality game, but our efficiency is letting us down. “There are exceptiol hockey players in Pardubice whose efficiency reassured them,” added the coach.

For Dymo, an old-new era will begin on Monday with commander Radim Rulik. He was still absent from Brno, having taken a leave of absence from the demanding championship of the twenties. “He did not interfere, he left it to us for about a whole month,” said his assistant Marek Zadi, who was pleased with the work of his charges.

“Brno still has quality, but we played very well. Toward the end, the opposition pressed us a little, and Will kept us well,” praised the goalkeeper, whom the forward Fleck beat only with a bluff between concrete blocks.

The hosts fought to the end, and again newcomer Christian Pospisil did not spare any emotions. He stubbornly climbed into fights, struck blows. Back Dyaloga is also behind his transfer. “I already talked to him about it last year. I am glad that everything worked out now, ”he praised the arrival of a compatriot who ended up in Finland. He knows his preoccupation with the game well. “He is like that. We have known each other since childhood, we are from the same city,” recalls the thirty-three-year-old tive of Zvolen.

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34 eighteen 8 four four 104:67 74


35 nineteen four 7 five 114:84 72


35 17 four five nine 108:71 64


36 sixteen four 2 fourteen 95:84 58


34 sixteen four 1 13 89:79 57


36 fourteen 3 7 12 91:96 55


35 eleven 6 nine nine 105:91 54


34 12 6 2 fourteen 90:87 50


36 eleven 2 7 sixteen 98:107 44


35 10 6 2 17 85:109 44

M. Boleslav

35 10 four five sixteen 73:86 43

No. Budejovice

35 10 four 3 eighteen 83:99 41

K. Vari

35 eleven 3 2 nineteen 81:110 41


35 nine 3 five eighteen 78:124 38
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Michal Kosturik

17 hours ago

Silence in the hall, already cold. Comet has Friday the 13th often, coaches won’t decide

Silence in the hall, already cold.  Comet has Friday the 13th often, coaches won't decide

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16 hours ago

Zohor on the silence of the Comet fans: Very sad. Dymo is already looking after Rulik

Zohor on the silence of the Comet fans: Very sad.  Dymo is already looking after Rulik

Source: Blesk

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