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Do you also love ermine? You can’t stop eating these dishes.

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Many of us have become so fond of the gourmet treasure of Czech cheese with noble white mold that we have become part of countless dishes, from appetizers to main courses. We have selected for you the five most popular delicacies that you can enjoy both on weekdays and on holidays.

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The origin of the ermine is connected with the fame of the French Camembert, which inspired our cheese makers and gave rise to the Przybyslav Camembert. But since they couldn’t call it Camembert because of the patented trademark, they were inspired by the shape’s soft surface and its resemblance to an ermine’s ermine coat.

However, round-shaped cheese is not replete with tender tenderness only on the surface. Under its velvety crust of noble white mold, a creamy center awaits the consumer with an irresistibly creamy consistency and slightly salty taste. Are you already salivating over this traditiol Czech cheese? Get inspired by some of our great recipes below and get in the kitchen!

Ermeline from cow’s milk has a unique taste that develops as it matures, from slightly sour to balanced salty to delicately expressive. It is excellent on its own with fresh bread, but also great for cooking.

For breakfast you can easily cook eg. ermine omelette. All you have to do is mix the eggs with the finely chopped cheese, season the mixture with herbs and fry in melted butter until golden brown. Simply add fresh vegetables, pastries and a royal breakfast to an omelette on a plate.

You are sure to impress your guests by serving them as a main dish. ermine in puff pastry with fresh vegetable salad. Browned dough pockets sprinkled with walnuts look amazing and taste even better. Inside, fried ermine with a mushroom mixture with a delicate creamy taste awaits visitors. In short, a delicacy that you must try.

He will again be taken out to the table set on Sunday juicy minced meat roll stuffed with ermine, sausage and pickled cucumbers. An excellent side dish is, for example, mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes. Believe me, after such a roast, not a crumb will remain on the plate.

Ermine with ham in beer batter is an excellent appetizer for the popular golden drink. If you are a fan of fried food, then this dish is perfect for you. Top it off with fresh pastries and you’re done.

The taste of ripening cheese pairs well with sweet notes of fruits such as white grapes, figs or prunes. But they also create the perfect harmony of flavors with pears. He is also waiting for you in the latest recipe that we have selected for you. Try pork noodles with pear and ermineyou will definitely like it.

Source: Blesk

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