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Horror on the road: The child fell out of the car at high speed!

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The horrifying footage was filmed in the US state of Iowa near its capital, Des Moines. There, the child fell out of a moving car at high speed and ended up somersaulting. Emergency services immediately rushed to the scene and rushed the victim and the injured to the hospital.

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Moreover, it could be much worse. Soon the huge truck was still racing behind the car. Fortutely, his driver maged to stop right in front of the child.. The child was apparently sitting in the back seat before falling out of it and for unknown reasons tried to open the door. Unfortutely, he succeeded.

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In the end, the minor somersaulted, and then remained sitting between passing cars in an untural position. The driver of the car, probably one of the parents, immediately ran to him. Both can say that they were very lucky that there was no collision in a dense stream.

The Department of Transportation later confirmed that the child was a minor and that it is still unclear how the incident occurred, according to the New York Post. An ambulance took him to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Source: Blesk

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