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Hasek about Ronaldo: he will remain a god. But be careful, he’s not in the Mickey Mouse league

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Hasek about Roldo: he will remain a god. But be careful, Mickey Mouse won’t get it…

A biscuit about silver disappointment, alleged arrogance, and a magical “superstar”

Hasek about Roldo: he will remain a god. But be careful, he’s not in the Mickey Mouse league

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A biscuit about silver disappointment, alleged arrogance, and a magical “superstar”

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Pliskov’s mom on life with Hank and longing for tennis: a comeback? 50 to 50

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He has just returned from Casablanca, where he witnessed the football boom after Morocco’s fourth place in the World Cup. He was waiting for a phone call from the Middle East, where he would soon visit again. He is approached by the media and club TV channels, as most recently from the Egyptian Al-Ahli. Ivan Gashek, who has a residence in Dubai and also headed the Saudi club Al-Hilal, has established himself in the Arab world. “I commentated on the World Cup, I also act, anything can happen,” he smiles, referring to his travels, during which he also watched the emergence of the CR7 brand in Al Nasr quite closely.

Many fans do not understand the departure of Cristiano Roldo to this club, or directly criticize his transfer. What do you say to that?
“People who have not been to Saudi Arabia cannot accept this, like Honza Koller, I read. I understand Roldo. If he has ever been to Saudi Arabia and is looking at how things are going there in terms of football, I understand him. He needs new motivation and I think he will find it in the league and in what is happening around football in the country. The interest in this sport is huge and everything connected with it is at the absolutely highest level. Roldo will find himself in him and be proclaimed a god. He probably likes it and wouldn’t expect anything like this in Europe. But wherever he goes in Saudi Arabia, there will be huge crowds wanting to see him, take pictures with him, get his autograph. He knows that it will always be a massacre, but he likes to be in the spotlight, this lifestyle suits him. This is also one of the reasons why he left for Saudi Arabia, the hype around him and his popularity will be incredible. I don’t see anything wrong with that, he just feels that at the end of his career he would still like to be the person that everything revolves around. In Europe, in a team that plays in the Champions League, it would probably have been difficult for her. His performance is not the same. Although he crosses the line with how old he is and how many goals he still scores, what kind of figure he has and so on.

Did he also cross the line with his behavior and demeanor, as in discord with Manchester United, and he had to go towards the Middle East?
“If anyone accuses him of chasing money, then the highest competition in Saudi Arabia is not the Mickey Mouse league. In my opinion, it’s even better than the American MLS. When I marry the greatest player in football history

Source: E15

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