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Stupid win: miraculous draft flaw, coach already fired

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This victory came at a cost. The Houston Texans were close to the first pick in the spring draft in the last NFL game. But in the last seconds of the game in Indiapolis, they turned the game through a series of unlikely circumstances. And number one slipped out of their hands.

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Only Texans can end the season like that! Fans of one of the most troubled organizations in recent years couldn’t help but cry out in relief. Their team won only two victories for the whole season. And at the last minute he added another one, which backfires on his future.

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Houston was seven points behind in the fil minute of the game in Indiapolis when quarterback Davis Mills came from behind the court to throw the last Hail Mary pass. On the fourth down and twenty yards to go, he had no choice but to dash desperately into the end zone. Colts defenseman Rodney Thomas was waiting for the ball there. But, to the amazement of the audience, the ball through his hands went straight into the hands of the opponent’s receiver Jordan Akins.

The Texans then hit a punt instead of a two-point punt.

“Chicago has lost, so this action will determine the No. 1 pick,” a television commentator reported.

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That is exactly what happened. Mills picked up the ball and sent it back to Akins, who caught it again.

The Colts immediately failed with their Hail Mary, the Texans won, and the first pick in the draft could be forgotten. The No. 1 seed is now held by the Chicago Bears, who lost to the Minnesota in their last game and will enter the draft for the first time since 1947.

Varsity Stars Offer

And it is possible that in the future, both organizations will remember the crazy Sunday night as a decisive crossroads in their history. The Bears now have the option to choose any of the college’s stars.

On the front line are two defenders – linebacker Will Anderson Jr. and defensive tackle Jalen Carter. And the defender class also looks promising. Bryce Young stands out from him, but he grew to just over 180 centimeters and also played in college for Alabama, whose quarterbacks usually have a hard time in the NFL.

Chicago has center forward Justin Fields, whom they selected with the 11th overall pick just two years ago. But in theory, he can go for an upgrade, or he can profitably exchange a precious 1 seat for an interested person who, first of all, badly needs a quarterback.

Such senseless victories have given clubs enough trouble in the past. The story could be told by the New York Jets, who fell to second place two years ago due to two surprise wins at the end of the season. Trevor Lawrence, already talked about as the talent of the generation, just made the playoffs with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Zach Wilson, who was the second pick by the Jets at the time, is still debating the biggest draw loser in history.

“It would be difficult to tell the boys: they lost on purpose. They didn’t expect this from me,” explained Texans coach Lovi Smith after the unexpected finish in Indiapolis.

He won the last victory with his team. He was fired immediately after the match.


San Francisco 49ers – Seattle Seahawks (22:30)

Jacksonville Jaguars – Los Angeles Chargers (2.15)
Buffalo Bills – Miami Dolphins (19.00)
Minnesota Vikings – New York Giants (22.30)

Cincinti Bengals – Baltimore Ravens (2.15)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dallas Cowboys (2.15)

Note: Live broadcasts are conducted by Premier Sport 2.

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