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Zlin caught a fiasco, the players did not fulfill the condition. The boss was furious: they lost 40% of their salary

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A new boss, a change in coach, a change in roster… However, Zlin’s hockey cure still isn’t working as Rams fans might have imagined. Wards of coach Milos Rzhikha Jr. lost in the 36th round of the first league on home ice to Slavia Prague 0:4. General mager Robert Hamrla reacted immediately to the debacle. “I apologize for today’s performance, I have not seen anything worse,” he wrote on Twitter.

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After a dismal performance and a heavy defeat against Slavia in front of 1,285 spectators, the Zlon players were “sentenced” to cut their monthly salary by as much as 40 percent. “They had a condition to score ten points in five games. They can’t do that anymore while they’ve only got three points,” Hamrla told iSport.cz.

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Zlín did not follow up with Saturday’s 4-3 overtime victory in Přerov, and after losing seven in his last nine games, he dropped two more places from 10th place. After the sixth victory of the last seven matches, Sokolov and Slavia overtook him.

The Rams needed at least a point against the Prague club to keep the hope of getting away with it. This applies to the entire team without exception.

A scoreless situation in Zlín was broken by power-play defender Karel Klikorka at 28:23, in the 37th minute Robin Vshetechka took advantage of another numerical advantage and Lukas Scheidl gave Prague a three-goal lead with 79 seconds remaining in the second break of the match . four by four game.

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In the 52nd minute, Yaroslav Brozh, who, like Klikorka, also made two assists in the match, scored a five-on-three power play. Goalkeeper Roman Malek failed to score for the fourth time this season.

End of series for Trebíč

The last Pardubice B on the Poruba ice were leading 2-0 after two periods, but in the end they failed to achieve two wins in a row for the second time in the season. Poruba did not suffer a third defeat in a row after the turn. The Dymo reserve team opened the scoring in the 46th second thanks to Tomasz Urban, who scored the second goal in the 12th minute with a score of 2:0.

For Poruba, Tomasz Grzes scored for the first time after 29 seconds of the fil act. In the 54th minute, Tomasz Shustal equalized the score in the majority, and Cadian Aaron Berisha changed the score at 56:29. Dominik Hrnicko recorded the result with 21 seconds left, playing in the power play into an empty net.

After a series of five victories, Trebić suffered a setback in Sokolov, who took over after two losses. Banik took the lead with 22 seconds left in the first period thanks to Vit Jiskra. In the 27th minute, the hosts rejoiced again after Martin Osmik’s goal, and in 49 seconds on the power play, defender Martin Rohan made it 3-0. back Daniel Poizl brought Horacka Slavia back into the game in the 43rd minute, and with 149 seconds left, Miroslav Holec used a power play, but Sokolov had already retained a slight lead.

Litomerice won the battle for 4th place in Prostějov with a score of 5:3 and achieved success for the fourth time in a row. Filip Kutyak scored two goals. Three points for a goal and two passes from Roman Vlah did not help the Hawks.

The fifth defeat of the last six duels was attributed to Jihlava, who lost 0-5 to Kolin at their home in Pelhrimov. Defender René Piegl scored two goals. Goalkeeper Tomasz Sidle helped Colin to his fourth straight win with his first clean sheet of the season.

The penultimate Šumperk lost at home to Frydek-Mistek 2:4 and lost for the fourth time in a row. Guests interrupted a series of three defeats. This was facilitated by defender Jakub Teper and Polish forward Alan Liszczyk, who scored a goal and provided an assist.

36th round of the first hockey league:

Zlin – Slavia Prague 0:4 (0:0, 0:3, 0:1)
Goals: 29. Klikorka, 37. Vshetechka, 39. Zheydl, 52. Y. Brozh. Judges: Cabák, Šudoma – Zídek, Blažek. Exception: 8:6. Usage: 0:3. Viewers: 1285.

Jihlava – Cologne 0:5 (0:1, 0:3, 0:1)
Goals: 25 and 40. Pigle, 7. Morong, 27. Urjada, 56. Z. Kral. Referee: Yehoutek, Grygera – Vasicek, Benes. Exception: 4:7. Useless. Audience: 305.

Vsetin – Prerov 1:3 (1:1, 0:0, 0:2)
Goals: 8. Berzins – 3. Jakub Svoboda, 47. F. Dvořák, 60. Jan Svoboda Referees: Skopal, Micka – Kominek, Kral. Exception: 4:3. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 2039.

Poruba – Pardubice B 4:2 (0:2, 0:0, 4:0)
Goals: 41. Gresh, 54. T. Shustal, 57. Berisha, 60. Khrnichko – 1 and 12. T. Urban. Referee: Koziol, Rapak – Otahal, Rupek. Exception: 4:6. Usage: 1:0. Underweight: 0:1. Viewers: 982.

Sokolov – Trebic 3:2 (1:0, 2:0, 0:2)
Goals: 20. Yiskra, 27. Osmik, 28. M. Rohan, 43. Poizl, 58. Holets. Referees: Petruzhalek, Valenta – Kokrment, Pekny. Exception: 3:2. Usage: 0:1. Viewers: 487.

Prostejov – Litomerice 3:5 (3:2, 0:1, 0:2)
Goals: 10. R. Vlah, 16. Jansa, 19. Illes – 4 and 13. Kutyak, 22. Kratsik, 52. O. Prochazka, 56. Kolachek. Referee: Beychek, Kostourek – Peluga, Polak. Exception: 5:7. Usage: 1:1. Viewers: 812.

Sumperk – Frydek-Mistek 2:4 (1:1, 1:1, 0:2)
Goals: 7. Vildumets, 32. D. Bartosz – 17. Ramik, 26. A. Zeman, 47. Lischachik, 50. Now. Referee: Zavrzhel, R. Svoboda – Mashtalirzh, Roychel. Exception: 4:6. Usage: 0:1. Viewers: 1082.

1. Cutting 2011 35 eighteen 6 3 8 118:83 69
2. Vsetin 36 22 1 0 13 108:82 68
3. Trebic 36 20 four 0 12 99:78 68
four. Litomerice 35 sixteen five four 10 116:96 62
five. Prosteev 36 sixteen 3 6 eleven 96:95 60
6. Reverend 35 13 five 10 7 84:78 59
7. Jihlava 36 15 2 four 15 85:102 53
8. Koln 36 13 four 3 sixteen 102:102 50
nine. Frydek-M. 36 12 five four 15 91:93 50
10. Slavia 36 13 3 3 17 95:100 48
eleven. Sokolov 35 12 3 four sixteen 82:103 46
12. Zlin 36 10 five five sixteen 94:97 45
13. Sumperk 36 8 6 four eighteen 101:132 40
fourteen. Pardubice B 36 7 3 five 21 83:113 32

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