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Not so gallant Australians. Why didn’t Noskov play the Grand Slam card?

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A sports tion that appreciates success? The Australians have had such a reputation for a long time, but they acted motherly towards the Czech tennis player Linda Noskova. The sensatiol 18-year-old filist from Adelaide is due to start on Tuesday after her life’s success in qualifying for the Australian Open, although the organizers of the first Grand Slam of the season have been given the perfect opportunity to spare her a tough test. .

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There is an unspoken rule that if there is a free card to the Grand Slam tourment, then the player who shone in front of him and success made it difficult for them to prepare for the qualifying battles gets it.

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Australian Open boss Craig Tiley and his team played with a blank card in the main event of the Grand Slam tourment in Melbourne over the weekend. Its previous owner, 42-year-old legend Venus Williams, was injured in Auckland, New Zealand and pulled out of the Grand Slam.

However, the Australians decided not to award the filist from Adelaide Noskova, who had almost made it to the main competition. And instead they gave a card to the main Kimberly Birrell, a twenty-four-year-old tennis player from 166th place in the ranking. In contrast, Noskova, who has risen to No. 56 in the WTA rankings since her South Australian campaign, will be one of the most highly skilled athletes in Grand Slam history.

“The best thing would be to play fair in the main competition of the Australian Open, but unfortutely… I already knew that I would not get a card even if I won the fil,” Noskova sighed after an equal title fight with Ari Sabalenkova.

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The deadline for applications to participate in tennis tourments is six weeks in advance. At that time, Noskova was ranked 102nd in the WTA rankings, which usually guarantees direct participation in the main Grand Slam competitions. But due to 11 tennis players using the protected rating to apply (including Czechs Marketa Vondrousova and Karoli Muchova), she only qualified for the Australian Open.

She could have been lucky at the last moment … But the 168 winners she recorded at the main competition in Adelaide did not count, which is one of the highest numbers in recent years. That she became the youngest WTA 500 filist after 14 years? That on the way from the qualification to the fil, the brave Czech turned away the match point in two matches and knocked out the stars Kasatki, Dzhabirova and Azarenkova one after another? Lack of interest.

In Adelaide, Noskova spent a total of 12 hours on the court in seven matches. However, instead of resting, protégé Tomasz Krupa hurried to Melbourne, where she will have to get used to the new conditions and compete for victory in three qualifying matches and play the main Grand Slam tourment for the third time in her career. Her first opponent on Tuesday will be 24-year-old Cadian Katherine Sebova (195th in the WTA rankings).


January 8, 2023 • 3:14 pm

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