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Demon Pastrnak: Best gun since Lemieux, will he be the richest man?

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Season of life. If David Pastrk stays healthy and stays out of shape, the Boston pleasure seeker is in for the best year of his career. On Monday night, he beat Aheim 7-1 with a hat-trick. Filly he had a calm summer, he is ready like never before. The pace is set to break the 60 goals mark and attack the 120 Cadian points. The timing is also ideal in terms of an expiring contract. “I call him an artist. He is so creative! He always finds a way to get you back up again,” praises Bruins coach Jim Montgomery.

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The trip to sunny California went well for him. Two goals against Los Angeles on Thursday, two more against San Jose on Saturday, and a hat-trick against Aheim a day later. Seven strikes! David Pastrk maged five of them within 24 hours. The NHL admires and writes about the “pasta” pasta party.

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“This will never go out of the ordiry,” the long-haired handsome man said with a smile after a hat-trick with the thirteenth serial number. He is only two less than Jaromir Jagr. “I score goals in the best league in the world. Sometimes it looks easy, but trust me, it’s not that easy. I will never take it for granted. But goals are my job on the ice. I appreciate the fact that I mage to score.”

He scored one goal with a cannon from the first, the second after a skillful pull-up and a hidden blow between the goalkeeper’s concrete. He then added a third from the escape when he bathed poor goaltender Dax with a noose so he didn’t even have to shower after the match. “I call him an artist. He is so creative! He will always find a way to pick you up again. He finds different ways to overcome the defense of opponents and their goaltenders, ”Boston coach Jim Montgomery said with amazement.

In the course of the season, Pasta has already reached the “thirties”. With 32 hits to his credit, he is only one behind Bombers ranking leader Connor McDavid. Comet Buffalo Tage Thompson hides behind the Czech striker. In the Cadian scoring competition, Pastrk is third behind Edmonton twins McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

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A tive of Gavirzhov has already once won the Maurice Richard Prize for the NHL’s top scorer. He succeeded in the shortened 2019/20 season due to the corovirus, when he won the award along with Alexander Ovechkin. Both scored 48 goals each.

Pasta has yet to break the 50-goal mark in his career, and the same goes for the 100-point mark. Now he is on his way to both milestones. If he had stayed healthy and had not missed a single game by the end of the year, if he had maintained the same rate of shooting and scoring and avoided a drop in form, then Pastrk would have finished the season with 66 goals and 119 goals. points!

Ovechkin holds the record for single-season scoring this century, scoring sixty-five times in 2007-08. But further? Who was the last one to surpass the current pace of the Czech demon? In 1996 it was Mario Lemieux (69 goals).

“He is a little above average talent. Every night he finds different ways to score. He creates chances in all game situations. Cause? He has a flair and perception of hockey better than anyone else. His vision for the game is unique. He sees a pass before it’s even created. It’s about thinking ahead. That gives him a half-second advantage over defenders,” coach Montgomery added.

All of this leads to speculation as to whether Pastrk will become the highest paid player in the entire NHL.

A year of his life will also come in handy for negotiations on a new contract. The current one will disappear with the end of the season. Before her, it had already been said that Boston would like to put a pen in Pasto’s hand as soon as possible. Ideally before he puts on his skates in the fall. It didn’t work. The fight continues.

In the summer, there were rumors abroad about a contract for eight people. For eight years for $88 million. However, the striker’s play is likely to change this amount. Expands it by one digit. Eight years is the longest contract he can sign with the Bruins. Its total amount should be more than one hundred million dollars.

If the multi-faceted hockey player took up another sport, he would earn even more. For example, MLB baseball star Aaron Judge signed a nine-year, $360 million contract with the NY Yankees a month ago. Serbian NBA star Nikola Jokic (Denver) will start paying off a five-year, $270 million contract from next year. The Czech Republic can only dream of such sums.

“I can’t play basketball or baseball,” Pastrk laughs. “I can play almost any sport, except those where I have to use my hands and throw the ball. I’m really not very good at it.”

Colorado’s Nathan McKinnon will eat up most of the NHL team’s salary cap next season. He has an average annual income of $12.6 million. The Avalanche Pasta leader stands out for his performances. “If I get more, it doesn’t matter to me. Not really,” he answered a question from The Athletic website. “We are halfway to the season, there is no reason to rush. My agent speaks to mager Don Sweeney every other day. I just play hockey, I don’t get hung up on anything else. I want to improve every day, help the team.”

In terms of hockey, Pastrk is getting more and more difficult every year. He no longer receives as much criticism for inconsistent defense or slow rebound after losing the puck. Compared to the 2019/20 season, he gets an extra minute on the ice. Shoots more often, crashes more often. “If he wanted to, he could easily become a power forward, power forward. But he will make more money if he keeps on scoring,” Montgomery smiled.

Among other things, game progress is also due to summer training, which filly went smoothly. Ideal. Physically and mentally. Two years ago, Pasta was recovering from hip surgery, before last season he and his girlfriend faced tragedy in the form of the death of their son Viggo.

“I feel it one hundred percent. You don’t always have all summer to work on your game. The key is in the head. You know that you are healthy, that you have made an effort, you have not deceived anything. Even more than physically, it helped me mentally during the season,” said the Boston star.

According to jourlist Flat Shinzawa, Pastrk was also helped by his acceptance of new coach Montgomery’s principles of play. “He always had skills, intelligence and strength. Now he has added even more patience and calmness. He is an even more dangerous playmaker, ”wrote the Bruins expert.

“I definitely feel the difference compared to previous years. In the offensive zone, I try to keep the puck much more than before, when I was mainly a striker. I already have some experience, I’m older. I want to play more with the puck, take your time. In this way, you tire the opponent, which means you increase your chances of scoring,” Pasta agrees. It is also thanks to him and his approach that the Bruins are still skating in the NHL. They won 32 games out of 40. The last time Montreal did it was in 1944/45!


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