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Expert on the Babis case: clumsiness, wrongdoing and unnecessary delay. The verdict was unexpected

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Seven years after the start of the investigation and four days before the presidential election, a verdict was handed down in the Sparrow’s Nest case. The Prague City Court acquitted Andrej Babiš and Ja Nagewa without jurisdiction. According to the director of the Institute of Independent Jourlism, Ondřej Neiman, this verdict surprised not only many of his critics, but also Andrej Babiš himself.

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“The opinion of the majority, at least among jourlists, and I think so even among politicians, it was that Andrei Babish did something heinous, so, I confess, I expected that the verdict would sound a little different than an excuse, Neumann said at Ground Zero Glitter Right. “Judging by the way he behaved at least in the last days at the court session, how his defenders kept dragging him out, how he suggested more and more new procedural actions, how he reacted to some degree in annoyance to some decisions of the judge, so I think this should come as a surprise to him, too, ” assessed the outcome of the trial also in relation to the defendant Andrei Babish.

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In Blescu’s studio, he also assessed the behavior of the presidential candidate during the trial. “His actions were accompanied by everything we have long been accustomed to: injustice, even cowardice, senseless cries that harm the democratic culture in the Czech Republic,” described the trial, stating that such behavior is typical of Babiš.

In his opinion, Babiš’s extensive closing speech did not play a role in the court’s fil decision. “Judge Schott didn’t even know about it.refrained from deciphering or asked that it not even be deciphered due to the apparent incomprehensibility of the language used. added Neumann, who expects the prosecutor to appeal the court’s decision. He also criticized the fact that Andrei Babish and his supporters tried throughout the process to suggest to the public that this is a political process: “This is his term that he used, I think it is very unfortute, and he used it unsuccessfully. And in this, I don’t see that Andrei Babish was persecuted or hounded for being in politics, that it would be some kind of revenge, an attempt to remove him from politics and the like.”

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Source: Blesk

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