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Announcement of Teplice: Gning miracle for sale. But only for the package. Council asked

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We sell easily. But pay the appropriate amount. Her height? Somewhere between thirty-five and forty-five million crowns. We are talking about Teplitz and the autumn miracle Abdallah Gning. “We are not against the sale,” advertises club director Rudolf Rzepka. The seasoned Senegalese scored six goals and provided three assists in the first half of the FORTUNA:LIGA season. So far, those who wish are probing the area. A corresponding proposal has not yet been received by the North Bohemian headquarters.

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He became the opening of the competition. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of autumn. Right next to the productive couple Brno Sevcik – Rzeznicek. Six months was enough for Abdalla Gning to make a stunning entrance to the Czech football scene. Let’s not count the previous thirteen matches of “Vlasha” in the second league, which only served to adapt to new conditions. Non-African. Indeed, before that, the twenty-four-year-old striker played football only in his tive Senegal. Last time at the Stade de Mbour.

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But the Czech Republic suited him. In particular, Teplice. Six goals and three assists caused delight in the offices of the North Bohemian club. Performance is top notch. Other data also speaks of an excellent semester.

Gning knows how to vigate around and outside of the box. He landed forty-six shots on goal, which ranks him third among all players in the league. He hit the net twenty times, which is the fifth best achievement. Dribbling? Thirty nine. Another top five.

The list of opponents he scored against is also interesting. It’s not about category B clubs – Sparta scored two goals, beat Jablonec, Slovacko, Olomouc and Banik. Decent business card.

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And therefore it is clear that the richest clubs in the country took an interest in Gning. “The best Czech clubs have followed the situation. And not only them. From abroad, all from Poland, as well as from lower competition in Germany,” Rudolf Rzepka, director of the Teplice club, tells the Sport newspaper.

Presumably, no concrete proposal has yet been received in northern Bohemia, or rather one that would force the leadership of the twelfth division of FORTUNA:LIGA into concrete bilateral negotiations and further steps. The price tag is high. Approximately in the range of thirty-five to forty-five million crowns. But those interested should be guided by a higher figure.

“We are open for sale, but we do not want to sell Abdullah for any price. The set amount is between 1.5 and 2 million euros. If someone puts that amount on the table, we are ready to let the player go now. We probably couldn’t resist it,” Rzepka notes.

In Teplice they understand that this is a package. Gning is not a twenty-year-old torpedo. Although he is in a very productive footballing age, he is not a youth. On the other hand, it can improve. And significantly so. In autumn, despite the big numbers, he showed that he is still a rough diamond.

“We must also take into account the equality of competitors. I say quite honestly that it would be better to leave Abdullah, but if someone agreed to two million, then we would have to behave in a businesslike way, ”says Teplich’s boss.

They say that Gning should not be embarrassed. It is installed correctly. He allegedly does not perceive the activity of interested parties. “But we’ll see in the spring. They’ll show him how it is. I’m trying to repeat to him that he must work hard on himself so that the form does not fall from the sky. If he doesn’t prove it in the spring, no one will buy him,” adds Rudolf Rzepka.

On Thursday, Teplice will go to Turkish Antalya for a training camp, where they will meet with Kecskemeti, Gabala and Rapid Vien.

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