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Pechinka: Babish’s release is a pre-election grenade, he is a favorite, Nerudova behaved arrogantly, and Pavel fell asleep

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Andrej Babish’s acquittal in the Chapi Nest case is a grede thrown into the ongoing election campaign, says political commentator Bogumil Pechinka. This will be followed by the mobilization of both hostile camps. Judge Jan Schott’s verdict did not signify the desired catharsis for either of them. “The justification is a huge indictment against the prosecutor’s office and prosecutor Sharoch, who oversaw the whole case, so this is an ambiguous statement from which both pro-Babi and anti-Babi groups will draw conclusions and not accept it completely,” he says. While Andrei Babish is strengthening his positions, the competition between Danusha Nerudova and Peter Pavel will cause such bitterness that their voters will not cross 100% in the second round. Therefore, he considers the ex-premier a slight favorite in the presidential election.

Just five days before the first round of the presidential elections, the trial of Andrei Babish ended. He was acquitted of subsidy fraud, but there are several doubts about the overall soundness of the judgment. “There are three proposals for the possible initiation of a crimil case on the fact of perjury of Andrei Babish’s closest associates. Judge Schott also reopens an already closed case on advertising on Čapí hnízda, where he says that there was an irratiol overpricing of advertising space or massive tax evasion,” Bogumil Pečinka explains why the verdict does not satisfy the ex-premier. sympathizers or opponents, and both sides can be expected to become even more polarized.

Chestmir Strakata January 3, 2023 • 10:37 am

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“The two worlds will unite around two main representatives. In the world of Babiš, it will be Andriy Babiš, and what has been said that Jaroslav Bašta is going up in favor significantly and may even threaten Andrej Babiš’ participation in the second round will be removed. And on the other hand, the world of Nebabish will find its representative in the next two or three days, whether it be Peter Pavel or Danushe Nerudova. And smaller candidates will definitely have less chances,” predicts a Reflex columnist and co-author of the “Kesi a Politics” podcast. What is at stake now is the percentages of Mark Hielscher and Pavel Fischer who are “clearly dead” and whether they keep them or abandon them in favor of stronger contenders.

According to Pechinka, Josef Stršedula’s refusal to fight for the Castle and the expression of support for Danusha Nerudova are of no value, his voters are ideologically attached to something else and will only slightly follow the recommendations of the trade union leader. “According to my information, he wanted to support Andrei Babiš on Friday morning and almost supported him, but some of the centre-right setors who signed his candidacy reminded him that they did not sign it so that he would support Babiš. And at the last moment he changed his mind and supported Danusha Nerudov. Maybe in a few weeks we will find out what he traded it for, what played and what did not play a role, ”he is sure.

In the time left before the opening of polling stations, it will be decisive whether any compromising materials will appear in relation to Danusha Nerudova or Petr Pavel. None of them could stand up to those they knew so far. The former rector failed to explain the case of accelerated degrees at Mendel University, the retired general was once again entangled in the vicious circle of his communist past. “In political marketing, admitting guilt can also be a sign of strength. And she, being very media and politically inexperienced, decided to do it in a style like when you are convicted of infidelity or suspected of infidelity. She was completely hammered, and this no longer inspires confidence, ”she describes a communication error in which Nerudova made her supporters disbelieve and turned most of the influential jourlists against her. “When critical news began to appear, she took every criticism as an attack on her persolity, took everything persolly and began to act arrogantly. And suddenly another face of Danusha Nerudova appeared, and this, in fact, corresponds to how her support in the polls fell and how, on the contrary, Peter Pavel jumped over it again, ”Pechka describes.

He is also critical of Pavlov’s campaign strategists, who he says lost their breath in early December. “It had an effect on me at the time, and I jokingly said that I sometimes get the impression that he was the second highest-ranking person in the communist regime at that time after Husak,” he exaggeratedly comments on the general’s ibility to answer questions turally. about his partisanship until recently.

What did Andriy Babish’s lawyers go overboard with? How do you rate the Czech TV Super Debate? Would he bet the last 50 thousand on Danusha Nerudova or Peter Pavel? What did the former rector identify incorrectly? What was the turning point in the retired general’s message? And what now to expect from the ex-premier? Bogumil Pečinka, Reflex commentator and co-author of the Bullet and Politics podcast, answered these questions and more.

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