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Ten years since the murder of young lovers from the cases of the 1st department: Anichka had to watch Michal die

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A new series of the popular crime series “Case of the 1st Division” is coming to an end. On Monday evening, Czech Television has already shown the eleventh episode of the planned thirteen. Like other episodes, the last one is inspired by a real case. It happened in January 2013 in an apartment in Prague 4. A cold-blooded killer ended the lives of two nineteen-year-old partners who had their whole lives ahead of them. Ten years have passed since the arrest of the double killer.

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The actual incident took place on 3 January 2013 in Prague’s Krč. The then twenty-five-year-old Zbynek Prokop had an argument that day with his roommate, only nineteen-year-old Michal, over a mess in the apartment’s common areas.

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During the scuffle, Michal allegedly pushed Prokop onto the table, and he began to rave as if he had died. He stabbed his roommate with a kitchen knife, after which the wounded young man still maged to slip out into the corridor. There appeared his girlfriend Anichka, the same age. It is said that Prokop did not know that he was also in the apartment.

After the murders, he texted the families of the victims!

The killer tied up both victims with rope and duct tape. The poor girl then watched as the cold-blooded Prokop killed her beloved partner. After Michal’s death

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Source: Blesk

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