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Zaz will delight you at Metronome Prague 2023!

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Zaz will delight you at Metronome Prague 2023!

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The magical French singer Zaz is another reason not to miss this year’s Metronome Prague. An artist with music flowing through her veins can turn her performances into unforgettable experiences for a lifetime.

“We are happy to see that the list of confirmed artists is growing. We were helped with Zaz by one of the lovers of quality music, Serge Borenstein, who recently became a citizen of the Czech Republic and is behind the various musical activities of outstanding performers who come to play in the Czech Republic. In addition, this year his company celebrates its 25th anniversary. Other mes will be announced soon. In 2023 Metronome Prague will offer the kind of program, space and services that we have been planning for a long time. We look forward to extensive collaborations with other partners and other confirmed music stars in the coming year.” says promoter David Gaidechka.

Zaz, whose real me is Isabelle Geffroy, has captivated the world with her melodies, a catchy blend of gypsy jazz, French chanson, melodic pop and swing, spiced with Latin American and flamenco street hits.

She devoted her whole life to music. Already at the age of five, she began attending the conservatory in Tours, where she studied music theory, playing the violin, piano, guitar and, of course, singing. She continued her studies at the conservatory in Bordeaux and at the same time began performing with a small orchestra at country dances. In subsequent years, she changed several groups of different genres, sang in a cabaret, played on the street.

And then came the fatal ad “I’m looking for a hoarse, slightly broken voice., the author of which was the composer and producer Kerradin. Her voice immediately touched him to the core, and so the debut album was born. “Zaz” (2010) with mega hit “Crying in French”, which brought the singer worldwide success. Albums signed “The Left Side of the Back Side” (2013)”Paris” (2014), “Sur la route” (2015), “Effet miroir” (2018) and “Isa” (2021), which brought Zazu immense popularity and a huge army of supporters. Zaz is an expressive singer with irresistible charisma. She radiates positive energy everywhere, she is open, without space, irresistible – on stage and in everyday life. Her performances exude unreal musical joy: “I love to sing, I love life, I love to dance. All this gives me an incredible amount of energy.” Zaz loves the Czech Republic, and the Czech Republic loves Zaz – her outdoor concert at Metronome Prague 2023 will again be one of those that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Metronome Praha 2023 continues its work in full force with the determition to confirm its position as the most important musical and artistic event in Prague, with 8 separate stages with more than 50 musical projects, where more than 300 artists perform. Every visitor, regardless of age, will find something for himself in the musical program rich in genres, filled with famous mes of both world and domestic origin.

For the sixth time, Metronome Prague will take place in the Výstaviště Praha district, that is, right in the center of the capital. And this is truly an exceptiol case for an event of this magnitude. An exclusive program is not all that the event offers – unparalleled comfort, a variety of seats, recreation areas or rich gastronomy enhance the overall experience and contribute to the maximum satisfaction of visitors.

Ticket sales for the upcoming edition have already started on metronome.cz – three-day tickets are already available. Tickets for other categories and tickets for Metronome Warm Up will go on sale at a later date.

Source: E15

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